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dalas verdugo
August 19, 2009 by dalas verdugo Alum

We were pleased to discover that the Vimeo community has been nominated for this year's .net Awards. This comes as no surprise to the Vimeo Staff. We obviously spend a lot of time immersed in this community, and we know that there's a good reason that it's talked about time and time again in reviews of the site.

You guys rock.

We do our best to provide you with the best space, but ultimately, it's the creativity, positivity, and good-natured spirit of you all that makes this site what it is: one of the only places on the Internet where you can have a true community experience.

Drop by the official site to cast your vote for yourselves in the "Best Community Site," category. We've got some tough competition, so it's important that you make your voice heard.

Good luck, and thanks for being a part of the community!


Remyyy Plus

Hard competition it will be ! Win I hope we will ! Thanks all as always for your work, existence, and awesomeness ! A vimeo Addict.

Claudia D. Christian

Congrats! Awesome haven for creativity, awesome community; can't be any surprise you're nominated. You got my vote!

Nilz Plus

wonder why youtube is on the same list...

Luke Pygman

Voted! If there is any justice in this world, Vimeo will sweep this category.

Mark PRO

There's no better community on the internet. Cheers!

Ted Corrigan

Congratulations! Your guys are great.

Now if you just had a way to load documents to a channel and prevent them from being downloaded, just view...that would take the cake!


Voted for Vimeo. Good luck!

Daniel Keeran, MSW

I certainly appreciate the opportunities Vimeo provides. Congratulations.

oscar veras

You guys are doing a great job... Congratulations!

matthew snyman

"no. you rock!" "no, I insist, you rock!" "No Sir, it is you that rocketh" etc.


good job VIMEO and Good luck.


my votr for Vimeo stay heavy!!


Vimeo is the "Ish"


Done, I hope Vimeo beats YouTube.


vimeo ftw


congrats! vimeo rocks

Kenneth Lee

Voted, congrats VIMEO, hope to see vimeo grow in the near future.


A big huray from the Netherlands!


voted i love vimeo !!!!

Rex Venator PRO

I am very satisfied with Vimeo, and I understand why it is successfully growing.

Romain Corraze

From around the world, you're getting my vote guys :)

Zenus Film Plus

i voted few times, but i presume only one was considered! you deserved my vote!

Jules Minton

Just got here...and I already know you've got my vote.

Luck, y'all!

Fadi Jawish

Done! ... keep on going ... You are the best ;)

stephon alfred


Charles Wyatt

A wonderful site. I am always in a hurry to try and upload another video. I was put off You Tube by the comments I read.

Doug Dawson

Thanks to Vimeo and to all of you guys and gals for making my experience on Vimeo nothing but enjoyable. I gladly put my vote in!

Kristain Ken

My vote is with you dear….I is completely satisfied with your commitment and professionalism you give to us. My well wishes with all the staff of VIMEO.
Kristain Ken


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Air Ambulance

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