Update: now you can add time-coded notes on mobile browsers, too — so it’s easier than ever to review videos, wherever you may be. We made this change because of your feedback, so thanks as always for taking things for a spin, telling us what you like (and what we can build upon), and helping us perfect our products.

You put videos out into the world. But before you’re ready to publish them, you likely need to share rough cuts with your reviewers, and collect their feedback. That’s where our all-new video review pages come in. Now you can click anywhere on a video to add a note and incorporate review seamlessly into your entire video workflow — all on Vimeo, all included in your Vimeo PRO or Business membership.

Need a client to give you scene-specific feedback? Want to let your freelance filmmaker know about some weird coloring on a particular scene? Go for it! It’s simple to share videos securely with reviewers, who can click directly on the video to add time-coded notes. And you can say sayonara to costly third-party services and endless email chains: we’ve got your video-making process covered from start to finish, saving you both time and dollars.

How it works

Streamlined collaboration, unlimited reviewers
Let’s say you’ve uploaded your rough cut to Vimeo.

Now when you click the “Review page” button on your video page, you’ll be taken to a sleek, easy-to-use page, which allows you and your reviewers to focus on the task at hand. Share the private link with as many reviewers as you choose, who can instantly start offering feedback.

And if you want an unbranded video review page, that’s no problem: you can opt to remove the Vimeo logo right from your settings.

Add time-coded notes, right in the video
Once reviewers land on the page, they can click directly on a frame, anywhere in the video, to leave feedback in a time-coded note. You can also treat notes as “to-dos” to remind yourself to come back to them later, and check them off when they’re resolved.

Reply to feedback in real time
You and other reviewers can respond to feedback in real time by hitting “Reply” on individual notes — whether you’re in different offices or even different countries.

Seamless publishing and sharing
Once you’ve incorporated all the feedback, upload your new cut to Vimeo to share it with the world, or just with the people you choose.

But video review pages are just one of the myriad tools at your disposal: PRO and Business members enjoy features like advanced privacy and the ability to add team members to their accounts and choose permissions. Vimeo Business also comes with up to 5TB of storage, Google Analytics integration for in-depth video stats, email capture in the player … the list goes on and on. See all the benefits now and start diving into all the powerful tools available.

We’ll be adding even more features to our video review pages soon to make your video workflow even smoother. Have feedback? Go ahead, leave a review for us in the comments.