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Community Project - 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards Promo

Katie Armstrong
May 17, 2012 by Katie Armstrong Alum

Hey all you Vimeans,

Can you believe we're less than a month away from the 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards? Vimeo HQ is buzzing with preparations — poor Handstick has been working his digits to the bone ironing out the red carpet — and we're downright giddy at the thought of revealing all the surprises we have in store. To prevent the spilling of beans, we like to keep ourselves distracted, so we’re channeling our sense of wild anticipation into a special-edition Community Project that lets you get in on the excitement.

In 2010, we asked you — our bright, beautiful community — to create promotional videos for the Festival + Awards. The response was astounding, and we received a wonderfully diverse batch of promos, each a testament to the unparalleled creativity and timeless talent of our members. Take the delicious "Warm from the oven" by Lydia Esler, for instance:

Because we're highly sentimental creatures, we'd like to carry on the tradition this year. We want you to make promo videos for the 2012 Festival + Awards! The rules are simple and the prizes are sweet! To participate:
- Your video should be 30 seconds long (no more, no less).
- It must end with the Vimeo Festival + Awards logo, which can be downloaded here.
- It must contain music from the Vimeo Music Store.
- Your promo should embody the spirit of the event, celebrating video creators in a unique and interesting way. Head here for inspiration!

We will select six winning promos to blast into the social mediasphere and potentially feature at 2012 Festival + Awards! Each winner will receive two all-access passes to the Vimeo Festival + Awards. (Transportation and lodging not included, sorry!)

Submissions are due Thursday, May 31 at 11:59 PM (EST). Be sure to submit your video to the Weekend Project Group, otherwise it will not be considered. The Community Staff will approve videos for inclusion into the Group, so if your video doesn't appear immediately, hold tight. We'll get to it, promise!

Happy promotionalizing!


Mind Twin Media

Is there a limit on how many videos you can submit?

Jillyne Fuller

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Jillyne Fuller

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