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Congratulations to everyone!

dalas verdugo
April 22, 2008 by dalas verdugo Alum

Why? Because we've managed to snag ourselves a Webware 100 award. The staff and users of Vimeo have worked together to design and breathe life into this website, and thanks to your votes, we have been given the recognition we think this community deserves.

The staff will keep working to refine and improve Vimeo, and I know you guys will continue to fill Vimeo with amazing videos and friendly people.

Next year, we're going for a Nobel Prize!


Ted Avery

Congratulations, you got my vote and you deserve the award!

Homeless Balloon

Great! You really deserve it, because this site rocks! And it has the best video quality :)

Adam Wride

Pretty much the best video site ever.

Dan K.

dang, thats pretty cool.


Greetz to all :-)


Wow congratulations! those votes do add up & the site is awesome!


I'm sure many congrats go to you, Dalas!


YAY!!! Next Vimeo initiative: a cure for Cancer!

Caroline Martin

Wonderful! When's that Elixir of Life suppose to be released? (Or will that only be with the pro accounts?)

eric cwiertny

Nobel Prize...Nobel Prize...Nobel Prize!!!

Adam Wride

dalas, you'll have to put on some serious weight to be considered for the nobel (but you do have the beard). =)

mike ambs

You all deserve it! Vimeo is the happiest place on the interweb-earth :)

Vision One Films

We are the world...(come on everyone, grab a hand, join in)
we are the people...
Vimeo makes a brighter day so keep on givin'
I feel the love....


Don't be too humble, ye folks of the Vimeo-Staff. You are offering a quality place to upload quality videos here, So it's just pure logic that awards will drop in. So, come on: Big up yourself :D


"Next year, we're going for a Nobel Prize!"

Do I hear 1920x1080, even if it's for a small annual fee...? ;) That would be great!


Woweeee... for what you need such a resolution on the Web? *LOL*


We need it. I'd also happily pay a small subscription to get rid of ads on my stream.


Exactly. With this "Woweeee... for what you need such a resolution on the Web? *LOL* " mindset we would be still watching 320x240 on Youtube...

Steve Beck

Woo!! Thats wicked.

I only joined about 2 weeks ago and now I love this site

Jesse H Knight Plus

I have uploaded stuff on at least 20 other sites over the last few years and vimeo is by far the best!!!


Je vous lève mon verre; félicitations !

Zoltan Garami

I would be happy to see a Vimeo with a pro account opportunity (as Flickr do). And I think Im not the only one...


My Propeller Beanie is off to you....fantastic've earned it :-)


Awesome, you deserve all the awards you are eligible for! Love your site and the people.

Bill Craven

Thanks for all your hard work, you deserve the honors!!!
This site Rocks!!!!!!

Ahmet Tiryakioğlu

thatz lovely...i hope y'all and i will be existing even on 3008 :D

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