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Rebecca Tharp
June 5, 2013 by Rebecca Tharp Staff

It's sometimes strange to think that such major motion classics as Titanic, or Parent Trap (duh, the one with two Lindsay Lohans), or Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan were actually directed by real, human people. The job seems far too hard, right? How could one person manage to direct such true works of cinematic genius?

Well, if you asked our friend Experienced Directorson, he'd wink his crossed, lazy eye right at you, sit you down, and teach you a very important lesson about directing — check it out right here:

It may seem daunting to undertake your first directing project. There are so many details to keep track of, so many notes to give, and it seems like there's a ton of stress and pressure! This may be true to a certain extent, but Experienced Directorson definitely teaches us the way to keep the process manageable, successful, and super fun. Let's review:


It's important to go into your production knowing fully what you're talking about. Really invest yourself in the script and know it from front to back. By knowing your screenplay and storyboards really well, you know all of your shots, which leads to better time management and more successful planning of the actual shoot. It totally pays off to put your whole brain into the process and prepare yourself for every twist and turn!

Don't forget to storyboard your film before going into production. A shot list is also a great idea!


You've got to not only know, but really believe, in your vision for the film. It helps to have an idea of the aesthetic that you're going for. Understanding and embracing your vision helps both you and everyone else involved in the production. If you need inspiration watch movies, a lot of movies. Trust us, the whole process is much easier and way more fun if everyone knows what you want and how to accomplish it!

Matt puts his acting skills to the test, but it all falls in line with Dan's ultimate vision for his masterpiece, 'Armageddon: Again & Again.'

Your crew is here to help -- treat them with respect!

ON-SET ETIQUETTEIt's difficult to determine the line between being too friendly and being too stern or a total jerk on set, but it's important to find a balance with your crew. You'll want to be firm in your vision and your direction, but you also want to be respectful and open to collaboration with others.


To be able to really command a set (in a total cool-but-nice-guy way), the proper terminology is a must! You should know all the basics to direct your actors (Action! Cut!) as well as your shot composition terms to communicate with the cinematographer (two shot, close-up, wide shot, etc).


Ok, did you get all that? Yes? Great. Because now you're a directing pro! Don't forget what it's like to be on the other side of the camera as an actor-- Experienced Actorson can refresh your memory!

  1. 1.
    To be, or not to be? We may never know for sure, but it isn't as hard as you'd think to convincingly deliver your favorite Bill Shakespeare lines. We got some tips on the basics of acting to help you
  2. Being a director is no simple task, but with a bit of expert advice you'll be donning a beret and yelling action in no time.



Great jobs for great people :)

Tom Jeffery

This is really helpful! Thanks Guys :)

Tim Tong-yup Han Plus

I loved this. Very informative and to the point without going in depth with HOW to be a director but rather letting us know what to expect.

Holly Winter

I want to see the movie he was directing now! :)


really i love it this video
thank you guys u a amazing

John Saba

Vimeo Generic Video Show Title Open & Close


Seriously you guys are a bunch of super awesome people, amazing stuff guys.

Wish you guys can ever visit Pakistan :)

Hussain AlMarkhi

T hats really awesome I like how they explain every thing Awesome thanks

Joel Medrano Sánchez

Es un vídeo genial... Ya creo tener mas conocimiento para seguir dirigiendo mas de mis videoclips... #It'sFantastic

Detroit Red

Right on! Your crew will mirror your emotional state. Enjoy the journey.

Aaron Christopher E. Smith

That was spot on, especially about the energy that you put into your script. The director is probably the most influential person on set and everyone will feed off of his or her energy. Be respectful to the craft and crew and actors. That was a bulls-eye! well done!

CSM Films Plus

How about addressing what to do when others fail you on set? Prop guy lies to you and doesn't have the props he promised day of, actors flake/develop attitude problems etc.


Those are great pointers. Thanks.


Wasted 2 years in Film School when this would have sufficed. Good job. Vimeo lookin' good these days.

Michael Stern

You forgot the part where you must take an acting class to learn how to talk to your actors and get performances.

daniel jackson

These videos are really helpful guys, can't believe i waited so long to join Vimeo

biz-casj. Plus

I absolutely love this actor playing Experienced Directorson. Is he a professional actor? Really fun video.

Juan Giovanni

this is great. However if the producer/director runs out of money and the cast need to get pay, you got trouble. And no amount of enthusiasm and encouragements are going to help

Jack Mouslim

Digging the Directorson/Actorson skills. Put on some more with him!!!!

Multicam Events

My new client just asked me where i learnt to direct? i told him the school of Vimeo uni and forwarded the link!!! Strange, No reply as yet............ must have gone to lunch!

cwixom PRO

Just checked this out. I really enjoyed your fun video!

George Roop

Getting to know you. So far so good

Chloe Landingin

I'm only 12 years old, but I'm really really looking forward to becoming a Director when I grow up! I had already started making short films. I don't want to be a Director for the fame and money, I just find making films very fascinating! And when I do become an official Director someday, I'll keep your videos in mind. :D

Video for Websites PRO

Great video for the USA market but this sort of goofing just doesn't cut it in the UK. Sorry to be a party pooper

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