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Don't miss your chance, only two days left!

dalas verdugo
July 29, 2010 by dalas verdugo Alum

Submissions for Vimeo's First Annual Festival and Awards have been pouring in, but one crucial entry is missing: YOURS!

We wanted to remind you that there are only two days left to get your entry in for your chance at fame and fortune. That's a Vimeo Award and a shot at $25,000 towards your next film. If you have premiered a video online between June 3, 2008 and July 30, 2010, you should be filling out your submission form right now. Don't forget that Plus users get a discounted entry fee. For the price of a cup of coffee, you could give a young video a chance at success.

Maybe you looked at the list of judges before and thought to yourself, "Yeah, those judges are amazing, but world renowned recording artist M.I.A. is not among them." Well now you are wrong, my friend! We've now got M.I.A. on board to judge the Music Video category, along with

-Lawrence Lessig judging the Remix category (this guy is THE expert on the subject)
-Paola Antonelli, who is Senior Curator at The Museum of Modern Art, which you've probably heard of
-Rian Johnson, Sundance prize winner and writer / director of some amazing films like Brick and The Brothers Bloom
-Ted Hope, Producer on over sixty films such as 21 Grams, American Splendor, Happiness, the list goes on

We are not playing around when it comes to these judges. We've lined up one heck of a panel, so now do your part and submit your work before it's too late. You can find all of the details and the submission form over at

Good luck!


Chris Nash

When will we know if our submission is going to be considered, so we can buy plane tickets out to New York for the premiere.


My stomach is turning. I'm too excited.

Alex Lewis

This sounds so awesome. Is the event going to be broadcasted online in any way? I would love to follow what's going on there without spending thousands of pounds on flights :D

Blake Whitman Staff

Parts may be, we're still deciding that. But we'll definitely be filming everything!


excited to hear that

redfitz PRO

Really wish I could submit but the film I'd submit simply won't be ready in time. Next year!

Nikolas Grasso Plus

I've submitted a video yesterday in private mode... can I still keep it like this or do I have to make it public today in order to partecipate in the Vimeo's First Annual Festival and Awards?

sam spreckley

oh, so i could have kept mine private too... still confused.. so i uploaded mine yesterday and was under the impression that i had to make it public for it to count... so if i make it private again its still all good and eligible?? thanks

Blake Whitman Staff

It just had to have premiered publicly somewhere online. You can have videos be private as long they have been public at one point.

sam spreckley

i see, ok.. so i premiered mine for a day ha.. back to private, thanks again for clearing that up.. phew, can relax now... thanks Blake...

Nikolas Grasso Plus

I'm still a bit uncertain... Matt said that is ok to keep it private while Blake said that "You can have videos be private as long they have been public at one point." Does that mean I have to make it public today or tomorrow at least for some hours or that I will have to make it public in the future? - which whould make more sense.

dalas verdugo Alum

Official word: Your video may be entered even if it has not premiered anywhere yet!

Jason Bumpus

If selected for the festival, what format will we need to provide for viewing? Mini DV, DVD?

Lauren Erickson

For SHAME Vimeo, you only have 4 female judges. What a wonderful panel, but it's pretty heavy on the male side...

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