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Excellent updates to video credits and Vimeo Perks

Katie Armstrong
August 6, 2012 by Katie Armstrong Alum

Gather 'round, video-loving friends — we've got some news of the good variety!

We've always believed it’s important to give credit where credit is due. And so Vimeo credits are a handy way to bestow props upon the folks that made your project possible. In the past, if your sound designer, DP, or Best Boy possessed a Vimeo account, you could add them to the credits lickety split. Today, we're proud to announce that you can add anyone to the credits of your videos, Vimeo member or not. Now everyone can be acknowledged! Here’s a little primer on how to credit a non-member:

  • Head to the Settings page for your video

  • In the Basic tab, scroll down to the credits section. It will look something like this:

  • Click “+ Add credit”

  • If the person you'd like to add is not a member of Vimeo, type in their name, role, and email address in the appropriate fields:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes”

  • Admire your work by navigating back to the video page. Just like magic, your pal will appear in your credits list. They'll even get an email notification about it so they know what's what.

Credits are cool, but the news train ain't stopping there. Have you taken a joyride through Vimeo Perks lately? Our member rewards program, exclusively for Plus and PRO members, is brimming with sweet discounts on cameras, software, video accessories, and more.

We highly recommend taking a browse or three through the B&H section, which boasts a freshly stocked selection of bundles for accomplished filmmakers and newbies alike. And you can squeal delightedly at more deals from Kessler, Red Giant, Letus, and GarageCube if you head over here.


The Local 504

That's great but I have two actual members that I can't add because it says they haven't verified their accounts. Thing is I've credited them before.

Kris Peck Plus

cool. how bout expanding on the "IMDB theme" and encourage filmmakers to enter a logline, plot summary, genre, parental ratings, country, language, release date, filming locations, runtime, technical specs, color, aspect ratio, trivia, and goofs for their VIMEO projects.

Danny Cooke Plus

Cool, I think it would be also cool to have the credited videos appear globally under the users Video page, then have 2 seperate categories e.g. Uploaded Videos, Credited Videos?

Fashion For Home

Will there be an option for different subtitles in the future?

AKCF Productions


It's a nice addition, but will we see the return on some technical information that was removed during the updating?


This is awesome! But, I just added a credit for someone, he accidentally untagged himself, and now I can't retag him. He doesn't show up, but I get "You have already added this person to the credits of your video." Any help?

All Aces Media

Great addition. It would be great to add a website for the person as well. I know many people that do not like having their email as a link on a web page. But to check out their FB page or website would be incredible addition.

Thanks for creating this.

saltwater media

How do you checkout with B&H? Getting a corporate discount needed message.

Gray Summer Plus

This is great! I just added a bunch of links to the players in one of my vids.


Super stupid question here, but once I've added credits to my videos, where do I see them? I can't seem to find them. (I mean, on the video's public page, not just in the settings).

Window Seats

Is there a plan to allow multiple credits to be added for the same person? for instance if one person was "Producer, Set Designer, Lighting Engineer, Writer" it will only come up with "Producer, Set Designer, Lighting" as the role filed has a character limit. It would be much better if you could just tag the same person multiple times, one for each role they played in the production.


this has to be fixed!


We removed a credit and wanted to ad the same one again (this time using the profile link) but it says "You have already added this person to the credits of your video.". Is there still no solution for this?

Debbie Perry

I have credited my partner in the video.. she is not a member and is not showing up ... only me :(

Benedikt Strick Plus

Hey there!
I removed myself accidentally from the credits of a video.
Now the owner of the video can't add me again. Is there any solution?
Thank you for helping me.

Southpoint Church PRO

This would be a great feature to have a Credited collection of sorts. If you freelance, there are multiple credits from different places and it would be nice to have one place where it aggregated it all. THAT would be a good portfolio feature.

Angelica Nelson

So I got a 'you were given credit" email, and the video was apparently some kind of porn. I think this feature can be abused. If they were hoping to embarrass me, they failed, but I do think you need to give me a way to block or at least give case by case permission if someone wants to give me 'credit' for a blue movie. I'm glad the video itself seems already removed. Your trash cleanup is working well. Kudos on that!

Valerie Lutz

I got an email like that too. How do we prevent being given credit for something we have no association with?

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