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FOCUS FORWARD: Announcing the $100,000 winner

Katie Armstrong
January 22, 2013 by Katie Armstrong Alum

We're proud to present another installment in the epic saga that is FOCUS FORWARD, the awesome 3-minute documentary series we helped power for our pals at Cinelan. Now that the jury members in the GE-sponsored Filmmaker Competition have all weighed in, please join us in congratulating Grand Jury Prize winner Rafel Duran Torrent for his tremendous doc chops in "Cyborg Foundation." This Spanish filmmaker just walked away with $100,000!

You can peep the other four victorious shorts right here. These winners all received sweet cash prizes and their films premiered in Park City, Utah, during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

But that's not all, folks! A fresh crop of FOCUS FORWARD documentaries from some of the industry's biggest names are also world-premiering today, right here on Vimeo:


Philiac Music

If I ever get real rich, I hope I'm not real mean to poor people, like I am now.

Jeffery Branham

Congratulations! I am sure you worked hard for it...


As a musician and visual artist for most of my life...I must say this was amazing...congratilutians...I also feel like saying that I really preciated that it was not a more conform project that climbed to the top...but a piece of genuin art...filled with fantasy and imagination...and am sure, also knowledge...presented in an original and authentic way...also humbilt with a touch of rock´n roll and surrealism...I am sure you deserved it...!!

The Film Artist PRO

I watched a lot of the Focus Forward films, there were so many that told a great story, really inspiring to learn from and visually pleasing, not to mention enjoyable and easy to watch. Congrats to everyone involved, everyone shortlisted is a winner, well done to Rafel on receiving the prize as well, so honoured to have seen his film 2 months back :)

Alberta Davis

Going too be lots of fun fun fun wonderful :)**


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Danah Ismail

Congratulation! thats really great work with meaningful idea

Esther Tejada - Colorist

impressive! very interesting and welldone!
felicitats ferran! que no es digui que no es pot fer bon cinema amb pocs recursos : )

Amanda Elizabeth

Congrats to the winner!

Please check out "Just Jack" by Linda Peters which was an original entry in Focus Forward, a Semi-finalist AND an Audience Favorite!


Awesome work! Congrats.

Larry Littleton

I wish I could understand this. There are no CAPTIONS for this "awesome" video. If the judging panel continues to support un-captioned videos, there will be a HUGE segment of the population that is continually left out. Just sayin'.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm -[ ._.]-

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