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Fresh New Features on Apple TV

Katie Armstrong
May 24, 2012 by Katie Armstrong Alum

All you hardcore Apple TV lovers are in for a treat — we're peeling the wraps off a bushel of sweet new features. Because you know what they say: An Apple TV feature a day keeps the doctor away! (They do say that, right?) Anyway, here’s what’s fresh off the tree:

Continuous Playback
Want to watch videos with no interruptions? No problem! When you’re done with one video, we’ll serve up another. Just sit back, relax, and feast your eyes.

Expanded Search
In addition to searching for individual videos, you can now forage through Channels, Groups, and People. It's never been easier to find videos suited to your taste.

Related Videos
Video detail pages now feature a selection of similar videos for your consumption. Scroll down to find videos uploaded and liked by the video's creator, as well as any Categories, Channels, and Groups that the video has been added to.

Learn more about the many wonders of Apple TV here. And remember, we're not just on Apple devices — Vimeo is everywhere!


Ross Williams Plus

I love watching Vimeo on my Apple TV. I queue stuff up in my watch later bin, then enjoy them on the big screen when I have time. YouTube's AppleTV presence is a joke in comparison.


I think vimeo might be the best part about apple tv!

Slim Kiwi

I really appreciate this update. There are few things that get me more inspired than some of the creativity I'm seeing on Vimeo these days, and the access via ATV is critical.

Roderick Peterson

Totally groovy feature additions! Gear it up for those Apple TVs (the Sharp made panels) supposedly coming in the future. Can't wait to watch Vimeo grow even more!

The Film Artist PRO

As the web integrates with TV the divide between the two diminishes, isn't that wonderful for the film maker in us all. Glad to be part of and promoted by Vimeo for Apple TV, thanks Vimeo and community! :)

Rick Macomber Plus

I'm still having trouble getting vimeo on my apple tv. Every time I try... it says vimeo is unavailable.


Très bonne idée ... j'aime !! °_°

Lucas Plus

The vimeo application on Apple TV was already pretty darn good. Love the new updates. The vimeo experience on Apple TV is really amazing, if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.
Thanks for keeping it awesome, vimeo.

Mr. B

Ok, so WHEN is this getting rolled out?

Hasraf HaZ Dulull PRO

fantastic! I was at Cannes Film Festival and FMX 2012 this month, and I got people to come into my hotel room to view my short film on the HD TV using the apple TV + vimeo to view:

vimeo on apple TV is fantastic for this sort of presentation! welldone vimeo!



I can't sing in my Apple TV and I can't Search too. I tried my email and password here and it worked. So I don't understand why I can't sing in vimeo on my Apple TV. Can anybody help me? Thanks!

Antero Kataja

@rnorbi72: there can many reasons for this, but I would first try to eliminate the most obvious. How about changing your vimeo password something that is extremely easy to type from Apple TV, just to make sure that password is correct. How about your account name - have you remembered to use full e-mail address (with domain name)? Sorry if these are too obvious, but I have had some problems to type these with AppleTv.


Thanks! But I tried everything and it didn't work.

Brad Dougherty Staff

They're available now. To get continuous playback, just hit the play button when you have a thumbnail selected.

eg design PRO

All I seem to be able to get anymore is "related videos." Scrolling down (clicking "down" on the Apple TV remote, right?) just beeps. I can't seem to get to author's uploads, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!

Derek Davis

I just got an Apple TV the other day, and I absolutely love the Vimeo app! Fantastic work, but never settle! Please keep improving it as much as possible.


Is Vimeo available on the older Apple TV (2years ago-Hockey Puck) or only the one that came out a couple of months ago?

Kevin Anthony Plus

I'm pretty sure it's available on all the smallish black models (AppleTV 2 and AppleTV 3) But it's definitely not available on the much older, larger white and grey model.

Thijs Albers Plus

Looking forward to the Continuous Playback option, finally it's a true "Channel"




Anyone else not seeing this update reflected on their ATV2?


thank you Vimeo! one more BIG reason to watch. AppleTV + Vimeo = Luv

Noe Campos

Really, it's wonderful, but...

WHY it doesn't works in AppleTV in Brazil? My son brought me an AppleTV as a gift. When you log it in an account located in USA, it works fine. When you try to log with a Brazilian account, it EXCLUDES Vimeo!

WHY? And HOW to solve it?

Philip David Morgan Plus

When I first saw Apple TV demonstrated at Best Buy, I was disappointed by how poorly it handled searches for videos that I had put on Vimeo (even with keywords I knew by heart). I am still set on a Roku box, but I hope the upgrading of the Vimeo app for Apple TV will make things so much easier for everyone.

Thijs Albers Plus

Just wondering if there's an easy way to view the Vimeo Awards Finalists continuous on the Apple TV? Should i work with a collection / group / playlist? Sometimes i really miss a keyboard.. Any ideas?

Peter Steeper

I keep getting Vimeo not available on AppleTV. It's been that way for several weeks now.

Peter Steeper

I had to remove Firecore to get Vimeo to work.

Justin Gaskin

Just picked up the latest Apple TV version and the Vimeo app is easily the best thing about it! Hopefully there will be more of a full blown app down the road so we can track stats and use Vimeo more professionally on it.



how do you make continuous playback work on the apple tv? i can't find a way to turn it on anywhere, and can't find any clear instructions!


nevermind, figured it out. kept trying to find an icon or something on apple tv vimeo and finally realized you just hit the PLAY/PAUSE button on your apple tv remote to play a video. this starts the continuous play.
before, i would go into video details and hit the play button from there. but going that way only plays that single video.

now i'm trying to figure out, is there a way to skip to the next video?

Simon Brown

yeah -- continuous play is not that obvious, but it's very freakin' essential

Aliyar Taravati

Do these features only work in the US? I'm in Canada, and I can't get the continuous play to work. Also, the Vimeo app on my Apple TV 2 does not look like the screenshots on this page.

Shane Barker

Why can't I see who I'm following through the vimeo app on the Apple TV?????

Indievision.TV Plus

Continous play on AppleTV is great, but what about these feature to make it really useful:
· Random, or chronological play as an option

In the wishlist too:
· Crossfading videos as an option
· Automatic Volume Corrector to make them all sound at the same volume.
· Option to show titles of video watermarked during playback. Or at least at the begining and end of videos.

And a letter to Santa:
· Cue points for mixing
Thank you so much.
P.S.: Only if you keep specializing and giving what others dont, will have success

Ron Ivan Staley

Continuous Play does not seem to work when browsing my "Feed". That's what I really want. Then it would be great to be able to skip to the next video. Is there somewhere to submit feature requests?


When I "Follow" someone on my ATV it does not show when I log in to Vimeo on my laptop???

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