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Gaff Tape: King of Tapes

May 10, 2012 by Mark Staff

I’ve always been curious about why everyone loves duct tape so much. What has duct tape ever done for you? That’s right: nothing. Let me tell you about duct tape’s much more useful, less lazy cousin: gaff tape. Gaff tape is an indispensable tool for filmmakers everywhere, and once you find out why, you won’t understand how you lived without it for so long.

Here’s a roll of gaff tape. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Gaff tape (or gaffers tape) is called such because it’s most likely used by the gaffer, the person responsible for most of the electrical and lighting on film sets. It’s the best kind of tape you can use on set, for a variety of reasons.

  • You can stick it to a surface, peel it up, and it won’t damage the surface it was on or leave any ugly glue residue.
  • It’s really easy to tear off of the roll, so there’s no need to carry scissors around.
  • It’s super durable, and most brands are waterproof. In the video below, Olivia shows us her brand of choice, along with some handy applications:
  • Gaff tape comes in many different types, sizes, and colors (the most popular being matte black), and one roll (about 30 yards) of this miraculous product will set you back about $10. Which is kind of a lot for a roll of tape. But hold on a second, don’t go running back to inferior tape just yet! Let me tell you about all the ways you can use gaff tape:
  • Secure loose wires to the floor to prevent tripping hazards.
  • Make marks on the floor as a guide for your actors and where you want them to stand.
  • Got a stray item hanging in your shot? Tape it up and out of the way.
  • Make really cool-looking mustaches and beards.
  • Use it on your slate to keep things from accidentally being erased. Just get some white gaff tape, stick it on, and start writing. So go ahead — tape it like you mean it.



this is a picture of duct tape. :P

Maranatha Church PRO

One word of advice- Gaff Tape does stick hard to it self. If you just pull the extension cord straight off the floor and allow the edges of the tape to fold around the cord and touch, you will spend some quality time cutting/ripping tape off your cord. Other than that it is wonderful!

Hanoch & Meladee McCarty

Don't, don't, don't use Gorilla tape. It is super strong, sticky as can be, but it rips the heck out of the surface it was on. Use Gorilla tape for stuff that you just don't care about the surface of -- and Gaffer's tape for everything else. I've used gaffers for a long time with great success


And this tape have been created by US Army during the Second War, for injured soldier on the battle fields. Doctors just tape the wounds to transport soldier in the hospital. If you take the 3M the glue is sanitized

Hope of Israel PRO

Yes, we use rolls of it for our speaker wires and snake when we take our Passover Seder on the road to a local convention center/hotel... and YES!, Maranatha Church... I have spent hours of quality time in exactly the way you describe!!

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