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Get (Facebook) Connected! (Updated)

Andrew Pile
December 4, 2008 by Andrew Pile Staff

You can now link your Facebook and Vimeo accounts together using Facebook Connect! To do it, go to your settings page and click the connect button on the bottom right. Once connected, you can sign into Vimeo using your Facebook username and password, and your likes and uploads will be automatically pushed to your Facebook news feed (you can turn that off on your extending Vimeo settings page).


After connecting, go to and click Edit Settings for the Vimeo Connect app. On that pop-up "Allow Vimeo Connect to publish specific story sizes automatically without prompting." and then select "Short". This will let Vimeo automatically post a Short story, versus a one line story. Short stories include your videos title and a thumbnail image which can be clicked and turned into a Vimeo embed player!



Good idea,
I am trying to remember my facebook


Andrew is nicer than Wall E

ziad chatila

lol. NO. Wall E is still cooler, but he comes very close!

Emrys Roberts PRO

Works awesome, except for one thing. When I check my facebook news feed, it only lists it as "Emrys liked a video on Vimeo" shouldn't be slighter more specific than that? Like when my diggs come through they look like this, "Emrys dugg Roger Ebert reviews Ben Stein's "Expelled" on Digg." Just curious.

Thanks for the facebook connect though. Still love it. :)

Kevin Sheurs Staff

yea that is just the default story mode (one line) for facebook connect at this time. on your facebook profile though, if you hover over the feed item, you will see an edit link. from there you can choose short story and the thumbnail of the clip and title will show. clicking the thumbnail will load up the vimeo embed in facebook. setting it to short story will keep it that way for other viewers of your profile. hopefully facebook will allow us to publish in short story mode automatically soon.

Underground Planet Plus

Thanks Andrew, so is this different than the Facebook app or an addition to? If it's the Facebook app on my Facebook "Boxes" page thumbnails are still not showing up.

Blake Whitman Staff

There might be a few bugs since we just launched it today. Just let us know and we'll take care of them asap!

Underground Planet Plus

Keeping in mind that I'm new at Facebook forgive me for asking what might be obvious, where do I find the URL for my Facebook profile?

Kevin Sheurs Staff

just login to facebook and click the profile link in the top menu (next to home).

Greg F.

Yeah I keep getting error messages


Greg F.

Oh wait. It just worked!!!

Greg F.

I just don't know if my facebook friends will appreciate VIMEO the way my nerdy video friends on here do... oh well worth a try


Yeah, me too... what now?

Robert-Jon Eckhardt

I'm in this catagory too.
Jip: let's give the Vimeo guys some time to fix the bugs.


Hrmm...I don't have a "Connect" button. Do i need to remove the previous vimeo app?

Kevin Sheurs Staff

try shift+refresh on your settings *should* see it. facebook connect just went live today, so i am chalking these invalid argument errors up to that (possibly some bugs/downtime on their end). i will take a look first thing in the AM though. thanks!


Tried that, and also tried clearing cookies and temp internet cache. I think it is browser related - using IE7 7.0.6001.18000 this happens. Also tried on a different workstation - same result w/ IE7. When I use firefox 3.04 I can see the connect button!


No more errors for me now. I've put some likes and am still waiting for them to display on my news feed.

Nsf Plus

connect button doesnt apear in Opera..same for internet explorer..
firefox works just least the connect thing:)

Kyle Inselman

If you get the invalid argument, just delete the ""; from the URL in your settings page and it works just fine.

tom lew

Sounds interesting but I'm not entirely sure I will need to link them. They are working quite fine separately! lol

Jon Coy

Cool feature guys!

Kevin Sheurs Staff

Sorry about those Invalid Argument errors guys, this should be all fixed now.

Brian Boudreau

I see the info for connect but no connect button in my settings.. I had already installed the app a week or so ago and have it in my extended vimeo . is this the same thing? if not how do i connect

Kevin Sheurs Staff

this is different from the "facebook app". facebook connect allows you to use the full vimeo website while connected to facebook (not just our scaled down vimeo facebook app). so it enables us to publish likes and uploads to your facebook profile when connected. you should see a Facebook Connect box on the right at ... under the copy, there should be a connect button. if you dont see it try logging out and going to and you should def see it there next to the login form. let me know if you dont see it there, either. thanks!


I aslo can not see a connect button anywhere.

Brian Boudreau

Nope still nothing.. I see a description on the side in blue that says a about connect but no actual buton to connect.. do i have to uninstall the facebook app first?

Kevin Sheurs Staff you shouldnt have to uninstall the facebook app. its completely separate from facebook connect. i will look into the problem...what browser are you using? can you try a different browser if available?

Brian Boudreau

IE7.. I just tried Firefox and it showed up, I'm connected.. so now i should shut off the extended section?

Kevin Sheurs Staff

No once you are connected you will see "Facebook Connect" @ this just has the settings for publishing likes and uploads to your facebook news feed. i will still look into this IE7 bug...thanks!


It seems to be working for IE7 right now. At least I was able to see button etc.

Kevin Sheurs Staff

the vimeo facebook app ON facebook is different from facebook connect. with facebook connect you connect and just use

Underground Planet Plus

So if I got this right, essentially this whole thing does little more than connect Vimeo and Facebook for the purpose of saving me a login?

Soxiam Staff

from above: "Once connected, you can sign into Vimeo using your Facebook username and password, and your likes and uploads will be automatically pushed to your Facebook news feed"

Benjamin Reece Plus

I think this is awesome! Great job.

But can we perhaps get HD embed by domain next? :( Its much more of a critical feature to me, than facebook.

J Newhouse

Not working for me in Opera 9.6

Earl Laamanen

Me too. So sad. Opera is to browsers as Vimeo is to streaming video services. :-(

Opera 9.63, latest release, no button to be found, even after purging cache/cookies and logging in again.


Said button can only be found when using the suckiest browser on earth.

Byron Abt

i do not see a connect button anywhere...


I'm having the same difficulty -- I can't find the button

Cogneau Jean-claude

Bienvenu aux amoureux des belles mécaniques
Rallye et Historique rallye....

Franz Moody

It seems I can connect fine (I click on the connect button and if I'm logged in facebook, it automatically logs in vimeo) but when I add a "like" nothing appears on facebook... Is there a compatibility problem with facebook in languages other than english, by any chance?
Is there any specific option to check in facebook?

Cliff Frost Plus

I also got connect to work but nothing that I "like" appears on my facebook page.

mike ambs Plus

Awesome :) I just linked my accounts - and I love the little screen that pops up to explain your options... *sigh* I <3 Vimeo.

The Outabodies

This will make everything that mush easier. The machines are taking over for us. I hope not in the Matrixy kind of way.


I want my button. :-(

Kevin Sheurs Staff

the facebook login button not showing up seams to be a browser compatibility bug with ie7. facebook is looking into it. news feed publishing on likes and uploads should be working again now. thanks!

Kevin Sheurs Staff

for cases where the button wasn't showing up...this should be fixed now! please give it another go and let me know if you are still having problems, thanks!


im not seeing it!

Kevin Sheurs Staff

it should be there now? try shift + refresh @ there should be a blue facebook button to the left of the login form. shoot me a private message if you have any problems. thanks...kevin

Matt Gist

How did you avoid the doofy little facebook connect nugget that's supposed to be displayed when a site uses facebook connect?

I'm working on an app now and we have this dumb little badge next to the users name. I'm not developer, I don't know the logistic of it all.. but as a designer I don't want it where it is.


Keep up the good work!


Sorry if this was asked already...this seems to be all or nothing (all videos uploaded show on FB news feed). Is there or will there be a way to select which videos make it to news feed?

Also, how would this work with Privacy (plus users)...would we have to select as an approved site?


Kevin Sheurs Staff

Hi Huggies...good questions. Yes this is all or nothing for now. You can toggle these global publish settings at Facebook Connect does offer a way to do it per video, but we haven't found an eloquent way to work it into our interface at this time. Lastly we only publish to Facebook if the clip's privacy is set to Public and (for Plus users) if the "Where can this video appear?" is not set to Nowhere. Once on Facebook, all regular embed rules apply. If its set to Anywhere or the domain is approved, the embed will play. If not, it will still be nice to have a short story on your News feed which links out to your video on Vimeo.


How long should it take my "likes" to show up in FaceBook? I liked a few videos about 30 minutes ago, still don't show up.

Kevin Sheurs Staff

something changed on facebook where they need to re-approve the stories we publish. hopefully this only takes a day or 2, sorry for the inconvenience.


So once they re-approve the stories you publish the likes will show up on FaceBook "instantly", or were you saying the likes from Vimeo will show up on FaceBook in a day or 2?

Mike Revelle Plus

its not working for me... it says I'm connected but nothings popping up on my facebook.

Kevin Sheurs Staff

something changed on facebook where they need to re-approve the stories we publish. hopefully this only takes a day or 2, sorry for the inconvenience.


Workin' ok, I'm now more reconected to myself.

withthefilm Plus

So does this allow facebook users to see our videos uploaded to vimeo directly from facebook without having to go to vimeo?

If so, can people see the HD version on facebook even if we are not a pro user?

Kevin Sheurs Staff

once you upload a video we will put a story on your facebook profile news feed (if you opted for this). by default it will just be a link saying watch this video on vimeo. optionally, you can change that story on your profile to "short", which then there will be the video thumbnail and once clicked it will turn into a video embed. we still also link out to vimeo on this "short" story option.

withthefilm Plus

Got it, but you know how you can not embed HD video if your not a paid user? In the embed on facebook, will they be able to see the HD video if your not a paid user or will it still say you have to click "here" to view on Vimeo?

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