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Getting back to normal

Blake Whitman
March 4, 2008 by Blake Whitman Alum

So it seems like things have cooled off a bit in terms of the high volume of uploads. We've added a few more machines which has cut the conversion time down considerably. Thank Peter, Ted, and Andrew for their hard work on this, and hopefully we'll be ready for the next big spike.

Thanks again for everyone's patience.



p.s. We're just about to launch something new and big. People get ready!


Evan Walsh

If you mean the new homepage, I'm sad that I'm not in the random 5%


Hurrah! :)


Yeahhhhh go go Vimeo! Thank you for all your hard work :) I can't wait to see what big surprise you have in store...

Nick Petrella

She's right.... you are the best. seriously.

Nick Petrella

other upload sites.... certain ones that play on words addressing me by going "YOU' and then using gangsta language for TV's - "TUBE", just don't compare.

Patriot PRO

And what is VIMEO?

gangsta for VIDEO with an M instead?

David Sky

I don't know what to do to get ready! What should I do? I guess I'll go boil some water and tear up some sheets.


Wow, I am ready for whatever is coming with the new launch. Vimeo rocks. It rocks so hard.

Marcin Kruk

ready... steady... GOOOOOOOOOO :-D

Abrazi Zoe

I have just uploaded my first Hd creation and the only think i can say for sure is ... VIMEO is like no other


(,,,There's a train 'a comin' )

YIKES! Like a whole corral of expletives!
ALL of you are _____ Amazingly talented!
(Jaw's on the floor!)

Dave Lankford Plus

Is the new home page the "something new and big," or are we in store for something newer and bigger? Not that I am complaining - just curious. You know us users: we get a little greedy sometimes. It's just 'cause we love you. Not that kind of love. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'll shut up now.

Dave Lankford Plus

Cool - thanks for the response. I dig the new home page and feature set is comes with.


maybe 1080?
In my computer the 720p hd video converter by Vimeo go smoothly when I play with HD-on, but in others 3 o 4 computers I have make the they didn't go so well (with HD-Off is perfect always). Maybe an Video player optimization for HD videos?

Since Stage6 was died. There's no other site like VIMEO. This is much better than the others (Yout..., dailym..., Ve...)

Thanks Vimeo!!

Matthew Carrozo

lovin the new homepage, altho the stats summary is all just zeroes at the moment...

Staff said, "We're just about to launch something new and big. People get ready! "

Hopefully without reducing or degrading existing capability.

LX Exposure

I enjoy this site tremendesly keep up the good work. I hope you get a webby.


Uploads are smooth now, looking forward to the new features!

Two suggestions: More upload capacity per week and more widget control options would be a beautiful thing.

Particularly the Hubnut, to be able to customize the text size/style, slide show behavior, thumbnail size, portrait size, etc.

THANK YOU for the great video service you have going here!

No name

are all 12 thumbnails back now too?!


Hey, new to vimeo but I have to say that it is a breath of fresh air over YouTube. Thanks for existing!

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