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Getting psyched for Sochi

Ian Durkin
February 7, 2014 by Ian Durkin Staff

Despite the Greek yogurt embargo and the stray dogs that we feel very sorry for, we’re getting #psyched for Sochi here at Vimeo HQ. And if between ski runs and skate routines you’re itching to watch some Olympic-themed things, don’t overlook these snow-centric videos:

The North Face: Tom Wallisch's Skier's Discretion - The 2014 Season by 4BI9 Media
Tom was the top-ranked Olympic hopeful for the new Men's Ski Slopestyle event. But upon suffering a knee injury in the summer of 2013, his road to Sochi became a little rockier.

Sage Kotsenburg's 'Holy Crail' - X Games with Halldor Helgason by TransWorld SNOWboarding
Sage Kotsenburg is known for keeping things “spoicy” in oftentimes staid snowboard competitions. And with slopestyle honcho Torstein Horgmo out with an injury, and Shaun White dropping out of slopestyle to focus on the halfpipe, things could get extra interesting for Kotsenburg in Sochi.

The Figure Skater by Protein® TV
Matthew Parr, a 23-year-old figure skater from Newcastle, England, has been spinning on ice since he was seven. Today, he’s rocking a fly warm-up suit in Sochi.

CHOA . documentary by Nils Clauss
Women’s hockey has been an Olympic event since 1998, but many girls still don't have the opportunity to play on an all-female team. Choa Choi didn’t let this stand in her way. Instead, the Korean UIC Yonsei University student joined the men’s team.

Mission Antarctic by TimeLine Missions
When a mission for fresh pow turns into a full-on arctic expedition, you know you’re in for an intense snowboarding experience. TimeLine Missions and Camp 4 Collective captured Xavier de Le Rue, a freeride world champ and two-time Olympian, as he boarded and explored the South Pole.

Mission Steeps by TimeLine Missions
From the same team that brought you Mission Antarctic, the second installment of the series follows Xavier de Le Rue and Samuel Anthamatten as they dominate mountains in Zermatt, Chamonix, and Haines.

Partly Cloudy by Level 1
A cold front may be moving in — get excited for snow with Level 1’s follow-up to the award-winning “Sunny.” And keep your eyes peeled for Torin Yater-Wallace, who will be representing Team USA in the Men's Ski Halfpipe competition.

So, yeah: Throw these puppies up on Couch Mode, wax up your screen, and break out your national flag. You don’t need cable, because everyone will be tweeting the results anyway! #Sochi #SoChill

Nice snowin’ ya,
The Vimeo Curation Team


Christopher Tevebaugh Plus

What a timely collection, You just got me really excited for Valentines day! Will you be my date blog post?

Francesco Brunotti Plus

I agree with Homemade Mixture, U should have said: despite the utter denial of basic human rights and the slaughtering of stray dogs..that'd have been a much a more proper and effective sentence !!
Not sighted little people ? I'd say not narrow-minded homophobic totalitarian people.

Andrew Kharitonov

All that stuff about Sochi problems is messed up. Gays are allowed. And Russia is democratic country. What the heck you say all that shit about country you don't know? If you have ever been there you'd never say that. All that fake from US media is absolutely ridiculous!


the real Olympic Games - there where the strongest in the look.

Carlos Silva



у нас права геев никто не попирает, живут и по прежнему без проблем. у нас запрещена пропаганда всего этого. не разобравшись в проблеме нечего говорить тогда.

we have no gay rights tramples live and still no problems. we have banned all this propaganda. without understanding the problem is nothing to say then.

SBO614A -Sir Brian Outrageous

This reminds me of the German games in 1936. Hitler did all he could to sanitize the antisemitism t
And made sure the world saw a clean Germany. What is occurring is Sochi is the same thing in my opinion

Johannes Höfner Plus

the wrongest olympics right after 1936… sick clips, but no reason to get psyched for these games...

Evan Gallagher

doooont forget 1972, also coincidentally in germany.. fuck the olympics

Evan Gallagher

Its funny how everyone focuses more on the pooooor media's hotels living conditions instead of the poor Russians who've been kicked out of their homes and given 0 compensation. And then all the little discussions about whether the games should be boycotted or not come down to... "if you boycott the games you accomplish nothing besides hurting the athletes" but we all know that's bull... its actually "if you boycott the games you'll hurt our sponsors and our wallets" F sports, f these games, f promoting it

Evan Gallagher

even if they weren't being held in mother russia it seems a bit backwards to have all the nations in direct competition with one another to see who can win the most precious medals... its not really pushing the idea of international unity. Its like when you in middle school.. you compete with another mid school in your town.. u have rivalrys and it causes fueds and fights, THEN you grow up a bit and go to highschool, most of the middle school fueds die out and you get to have new rivalrys and fueds with other near by highschools... fights and such, THen you grow up a little more.. go to college, and you have college rivalryes and feuds. And if your lucky enough your good enough to compete internationally. Why not drop all the little flags and country affiliations from the Olympics and make it purely about the sports? Well because nationalism sells.. GO TEAM USA!!! blahhh


Great ! I'm so glad than everybody's reacting so strong about that. They began to censor all the comments but now they are too many... who cares about stray dogs seriously, beside this at the same time some opposants are in working camps in Siberia ! The Olympic spirit is lost since a long time

LadyK Film~Art Productions Plus

You feel "very sorry" for the stray dogs?????? These animals were helplessly murdered. Sochi needs to be banned in any way shape or form from everyone's life;
who gives a crap about SPORTS.

Nils Pollom

Dear Vimeo,

your very own guidelines say 'be cool and play nice'. Not mentioning the human rights violations that are happening in Russia PROVABLY SUPPORTED by the gouvernment is either cool as ice oder ethically twisted for the purpose of expanding your beautiful, shiny, blingy-blingy world of mainly pushing superficial aesthetics. Depending, whether one asks after your fiscal intentions or just naive ignorance,i had to question myself about our relation, darling.

Either way and short - my expectations for our relationship are now - precised. And that of course means, the romantic is gone, little one, we're done.

So let's see who gets the childs & the house and now go play with your bling bling.



Wow. Wow. Wow. How about boycotting the boycotters? Or maybe boycotting the corporations and "civilized" governments which took part in the NATO slaughter in Libya (btw does anyone remember the place?) Boycotting Ollande for killing thousands via air raids? Boycotting Obama for funding Al-Qaeda fascists in Syria? Boycotting Cameron for sucking the blood out of Iraq? Should we forget about Sarajevo carved out from the bleeding Yugoslavia by the Western imperialists? Why don't you care about Sarajevo anymore now, when the unemployed crowds there are out to the streets and the EU is threatening to suppress the "riots" by force? What is so different now? How dare you to compare the Nazi Games of 1936 (where all countries but Soviet Russia were present... in fact USSR had been fighting fascism in Spain by that time..) with the current games hosted by the country which paid 27 000 000 lives to liberate the world from fascism? Your brain's dead. You got a bullet blasted through your head.

Dmitry Kedrov Plus

instead of pour hatred for the Olympic Games, come here in Sochi and enjoy. All together with gays and lesbians.

Dandy Pornhole

The Internet is a wonderful place, but only if we keep it classy. You are free to disagree, but we don’t allow people to attack, insult or harass others on Vimeo.
eh: be cool and play nice
but be informed and keep good taste (this is not a place for bad films or porn, nor politics, nor judgmental issues.. yet:
honestly; stray-dogs?

murejib Plus

What I love about Vimeo is that its all about cool motion-graphics, beautifully filmed scenes and all those incredible pieces of art. Nothing about any politics. I really appreciate it.

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