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Global Settings and Unlimited HD Embedding

dalas verdugo
July 22, 2010 by dalas verdugo Alum

Hey everybody!

We’ve got more great news for you today. One aspect of Vimeo that we know you love is the extensive control you have over how and where your videos are seen. In the past, it could be a little time consuming to check each of your videos and make sure that the settings were exactly the way you wanted them. Well those days are over, because we now have a way for you to change the Privacy settings for all of your videos on one page!

Set a password for all of your videos; choose to only let your contacts view your videos; allow or prevent people from downloading the source files; control who can comment on all of your videos. All at once. And if you’re a Plus member you’ll find all the advanced options here too. Make all of your videos mobile-ready; restrict playback to certain sites; hide your videos on Vimeo; allow HD embedding. You can do this for all of your videos, or just apply it to the videos you upload from now on. It’s all right here on your new Video Preferences page.

Speaking of HD embedding, that brings us to our other exciting news. Yeah, there’s more. We’ve done some serious number crunching (maybe even used a slide-rule), and decided that it makes the most sense to do away with the limits on HD embedding that Plus members were previously restricted by. Plus members no longer have to ration their precious HD embed plays! You’re free to spread your beautiful HD videos far and wide. Unlimited HD embedding is REAL.

We will be automatically refunding anyone who purchased extra HD embed plays within the past 30 days. So that’s extra cash back to spend on a party celebrating your new, unlimited existence!

We’re very proud of the progress the Vimeo Plus service has made over the past two years. With no limits on total storage space, bandwidth, duration, and now HD embeds, along with video encoding that aims for the highest quality, is there any doubt that Vimeo is the absolute best site to host your videos? Check out the chart below to see how much the Plus service has improved in a short time. We only plan to keep making it better, so stick around and bring all your friends!


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The Book of Jer3miah

Great news! Thanks for continuing to improve and push Vimeo into being one of the best places for online video!

Tom Welsh PRO

Awesome! Was just worrying about which videos I could afford to HD embed on a new site. Not anymore! Thanks :)


Great news! Now i need an iphone app that can upload video. Flickr can do it....

Visual Plug

Just to let you guys know... I have my vimeo video's viewable on a approved site. And I'm not to sure when you guys did this conversion. But majority of all my video went offline. I had to log back onto vimeo and go to every video and click save changes. After I did this everything populated back again. Strange!

Andrew Pile Staff

Woah, thanks for the heads up. We will keep a lookout for problems like this. If it happens again, be sure to post in the Help forum, you'll get a faster response.

TJ Jeffrey Plus

Another reason to keep recommending Vimeo Plus to all my web clients & fellow artists!

Karen Abad Plus

What dream gems. Like TJ said, another great reason to keep recommending Vimeo Plus to my cohorts/clients. <3


I freakin' Digg It SO HARD. I am a web designer/developer and I constantly recommend Vimeo to all my clients who want to display videos on their site. Actually got a new client creating an account next week. Vimeo FTW!

Shamus Coneys (IndigoCharlotte) Plus


I always tell my friends that Vimeo is like YouTube, except it WORKS, it's higher quality, and isn't riddled with 12 year olds!

Great changes, great site, great balls of fire!

Shamus Coneys (IndigoCharlotte) Plus

Please, Please, let me explain my friends....

NOT, "like" YouTube, I meant that in the shallow aspect of a website that has video.....and that's it.


mike ambs

Unlimited!! This is so wonderful - wow :) I am always so amazed at Vimeo and how you keep pushing the site in better directions. Thank you for all the hard work!

Eric Buist Plus

UNLIMITED!!!! I will go crazy with this... well maybe not, I want it to stay unlimited!


Basic Members should get restrictions to HD embedding.


No, I was saying basic members should get hd embedding. but should be restricted to their plays.


Hey, are there still stats? My stats boxes have disappeared.


Ah ok, thank you very much.

DHP Multimedia Plus

I love you. Have I said that lately? If not, then here it is again--I love you!

Scott Foley Plus

Though I am not yet a Plus member, when I have the cash-money, I am sure to put these new great features to use. Keep up the outstanding work you guys!

Nick Kurtz Plus

Awesome news Vimeo! You're so good to us:) The only thing that could make life sweeter would be lifting the individual file size restriction on uploads. If I want to use my weekly 5 gig allowance on one video, shouldn't I be able to?

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hi Nick,

We'd love to have that capability but right now we're not satisfied with the reliability of video file upload technology for anything over 2GB. We're always looking to improve though and we will push the envelope when it's feasible.

DaVincicode Plus

Yes great new Vimeo on the "UNLIMITED EMBEDDING" for us Vimeo Plus members.

Christian Vasquez

now seems like a good time to jump on da "plus" bandwagon....

dalas verdugo Alum

Haha, looks like Blake has gotten all up in here since the last time I checked these comments ;)


Awesome news!! first i couldn't believe if like unlimited HD embedding?!?! AWESOME!! no more worrying about which site may play HD and which not!

Great job Vimeo Staff! Vimeo is deffo the best video hosting site on the internet!


Unlimited !?
What a great idea vimeo ,what's next? Unlimit the groups one can add a new video to reach more viewers ?


No I believe the limit is still 10. With over 44,000 groups I feel 10 is insane,but I would gladly go plus if what you say is true.


omg I knew I was doing the right thing by joining vimeo as a plus :) vimeo you are the best. Dont ever stop doing what your doing. Its just amazing.

Underground Planet Plus

Wow, just wow, totally didn't see that one coming.

Thanks so much for this one and beyond that for all that you guys do and have done over the years in giving me a platform that allows me to show my work in the best possible light.

I was nothing less than amazed when I first stumbled on Vimeo and started using it some years ago and I'm still amazed today.

Thanks for everything.

- Ray

Romain Corraze

Limited HD embeds for + members were the reason i was ready to leave vimeo. Unlimited HD embeds are now the reason for me to thank you guys :)

It Donned On Me Plus

Very nice! Now I just need to figure out how to get an unlimited number of viewers...

The video preferences page seems to have some issues - I tried to apply a global cc license change and it looks like it dumps a debug array into the top of the page:

"got uploader 1886087 clip privacy: anybody clip id: 12752844 check transcoding. got uploader 1886087 user purgatory: should delete: false should release: false...."

The full dump is about 10x as long. First time I tried it didn't apply the changes - second time it did.


Well, bugger my bumblebee bread bin! :D

Jacques Niset

A good reason to keep recommending Vimeo Plus to all my friends !

Andrew Smith

That's almost as awesome as Andrea Allen! :-P

steve morel

that's awesome !! long life to vimeo !
Keep up the great work !! : )

Edmond Burnett

incredible news on the unlimited HD embeds! thanks vimeo!

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