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Grab the new Desktop Uploader App

dalas verdugo
October 26, 2009 by dalas verdugo Alum

Hey folks,

You may remember that a few weeks back we announced that we were testing our new Desktop Uploader application. Well, we've squashed a lot of bugs (thanks, early testers!), made the app quite stable, and now we're ready to move on to a public beta stage.

This means that you no longer need an invitation to download the Desktop Uploader. Just head on over to the download page, and you can grab your very own copy.

The Desktop Uploader is based on Adobe® AIR™ technology, so it works on a variety of operating systems. It allows you to upload multiple videos in one batch, pause and resume uploading, add titles, tags, descriptions, and basic privacy settings to your videos. We hope to add even more features in the near future. For those who are curious about how it works, the Uploader communicates with Vimeo entirely through our new API.

After you've installed the application, if you have any troubles, please use the "Report a bug" button in the application itself to let us know. We'll fix whatever problems remain during this public beta period with your help.

We hope you enjoy how easy it is to post videos to Vimeo with the Desktop Uploader!


Mathias Røyrvik Plus

Hell yes! I've been waiting for this =D

It's a reason why I, sorry. WE, love Vimeo =)


Nice! Can't wait to get home and try it out!

Calvin Hill

Cool! I look forward to using it soon.

Tommy Penner Alum

I love the vimeo, vimeo, vimeo, vimeo...


Jedd Goble

Looks great! Thanks for your hard work making Vimeo more awesome, staff peoples.

Cody Smith

I'm getting an error before install.. it says the air file is damaged.

Andrew Pile Staff

Woah, never heard of this. Have you tried restarting your browsers and installing again? How about going to and installing the latest version of AIR first?

Cody Smith

Alright, so I uninstalled and re-installed AIR from Adobe's site, and tried downloading the app in both Firefox and Safari; still no luck. I'm running on OSX 10.5.8 . My VimeoUploader.air file is only 80kb when saved to the desktop...does that sound correct? I don't know what I could be doing wrong...

Blake Whitman Staff

can you email help at vimeo, we'll get ya squared away. Sorry for the trouble!

Cody Smith

You got it. No worries Blake :]

Johnny Hall

It works great! It fixed the problems I was having with uploading h.264 files <3




awesome!!! thanks guys! lol i know this is the least of your concerns with the vimeo uploader but could the icon be a darker blue? haha it looks too faded for my liking, but thats just me. Thanks!!!!!!!! =D

Belinda Jane Video Business

Hi, l'm getting the following error...

"Uh oh! The vimeo uploader has encountered an error. A bug report has automatically been sent to the Vimeo staff"

txcrew Plus

This is completely awesome! Thanks Vimeo for re-inventing rad!

Does this app mean I can upload videos greater than 1gig in size but still within my 5gig/wk limit?

Daniel Hayek Staff

We're experimenting with allowing uploads up to 2.5GB. It's not totally reliable just yet but we're working on it.


I have been using the app for about a month, since you invited me. All my experiences were positive. I did not experience any problems at all.
Great move!


great, I'll give a try !


There is a bug with stressed letters (i'm french) on title and description. I send a bug report from the app.

Thaddeus Hunt

SWEET! Thank you all wonderful and dedicated Vimeo employed peeps! :o)

Henning Hoenicke

Wow! Thank you so much, guys! You just made my life 1000 times easier! I'm impressed how well this works on Ubuntu - thanks a lot for remembering that a lot of people use Linux!


It´s work very very well! (I can pause upload!) Congratulations.

tom lew

Pretty sweet! Looking fowards to downloading it now.

b gd73

I was hoping to see an app like this, it works great for me. Thanks.


i just spent 27 hours uploading a 716mb video that failed in the finishing stages, and now i restart the app and it says there's an update, but i cannot install the update because it keeps saying there is a problem with the air file.


Adam Holwerda PRO

That must have been a long 27 hours. Uploading by hand, minute after minute without a computer anywhere to help...

I got the same AIR-ror, but after it tried installing the update a few times it seemed to fix itself.

Bummer about the big video though.

Davin Leivonen - Fok

The desktop uploader is fantastic. It's great little tool for someone who hardly has to visit the original site (Flickr, Face, YouTube) when they're accustomed to uploading straight from the Mac applications (iPhoto, iMovie). Makes uploading all that more appealing.

Michael Fawke

here is in front of me, behind & both sides too. more importantly, on my laptop.

Adam Holwerda PRO

I just want to say, thanks so much for this. I've had so much trouble with the web uploader (dropped uploads) over the past year or so that I've almost given up trying. Not anymore! Muahahaha.


great well done

Blake Whitman Staff

Please use the "Report a bug" button in the application itself and let us know what happened. Sorry for the trouble.

Chris O'Konski

way to be, vimeo. changing the internet one vimivaiton at a time.

Northwood Media

I keep getting errors. Says the installer is misconfigured and to contact the manufacturer. ?

Blake Whitman Staff

Please use the "Report a bug" button in the application itself and let us know what happened.

Northwood Media

I'd love to Blake, but every time the program loads, it tells me I have to upgrade. When it tries to upgrade, I get the error. It won't let me do anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.

Bob Fitzgerald

Not everyone in the world has an Iphone, so it would be great if there was also a WM mobile app also..

And this Uploader rocks, I've never been a part of something run so smoothly and without problems.. Thx Vim.

Ally Video

i'm proud to be using the air app to upload our videos. it's really sweet, keep it up you smarty pants



Goood development. :) Thanks!


Error #96 Invalid Signature

and I cant report a bug since there is no interface. :(


i guess this is no longer in existence?


What have you done to the uploader?

Peter Jahn

Could someone of vimeo staff provide an answer?

Lars H. Gathe

VIMEO UPLOADER? PLEASE! I am having issues uploading the normal way.

Edwin Allan

Same here, the tool is inexistent!


WTF?! just paid Vimeo $10

pls send my money back

Zion Pictures PRO

I agree with everyone. The desktop uploader made it so convenient to work with Vimeo. When will you return it?

Videal Business

Indeed, the tool seems to have evaporated into thin air.
Quite confusing, no statement of nulling the projects, as well.

Would anyone from Vimeo provide at least some sort of feedback regarding the state of the uploader? Plz!

gabrielbravo Plus

where's the app? I used to have vimeo uploader until I change my computer last week.. gives me much security than uploading through the navigator..

Andrew Smith

Looking for the uploader. Bit worried if it really has been pulled. Dang dangers of migrating to a new computer.

bliss* productions

This is lame, where did the app go? For large files it was crucial especially when setting privacy on a clip for upload. Using a browser means I have to wait until the clip finishes uploading before I can set privacy which in some cases can take an hour depending on length. Please bring the App back.

Sandcastle Pictures Plus

Unfortunately, your link doesn't work anymore. Just get a screen filled with random characters.

dan lee

why is it that there's no reply from vimeo staff regarding the app? why has it been taken down?

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