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Andrew Pile
June 17, 2008 by Andrew Pile Alum

Vimeo GroupsToday we're rolling out a big new feature: Vimeo Groups.

So, what's a group? It's a way for mini-communities to share videos within Vimeo. Groups makes it easy to get a bunch of contributors together and upload directly into a group, then have conversations entirely contained within that group. You can add forums, share calendars, photos, and even music with members of the group. And, most importantly, we've added six really killer themes so you can take customization to a whole new level.

Looking for an example? Check out Vimeo Meetup, New York, Knitting, or I Like Baseball!

Some of you might have noticed Groups shares a lot of functionality with Channels. The best way to differentiate the two is that Groups is for lots of people to collaborate and contribute and Channels is for individuals to showcase a bunch of videos the way they want. If you think your Channel is better suited as a Group you can convert it to a Group by going to your Channels settings page, but be warned, there is no going back! In the coming months we'll be building Channels 2.0, which is going to remove some features better suited for Groups (like forums and calendar) and add some Channels-only features, like tools to change the order and display style of videos.

We've been working on Groups for several months, we hope you like it! Special thanks to Iowa, Jack, Sox, Sean, Jake and all our beta testers for making it so smooth and pretty.

Now get grouping!


Aziz Kocanaogullari Plus

thank you for the great work you put in.
everything and more we could ask for! oh, that rhymes.

Cameron Christopher PRO

Wow, very cool. I'm going to have to fiddle around for a while to see whats up, but I'm sure it's fabulous.

Ian Lucero Plus


Gonna do a bit of re-inviting.

Thanks you guys. Totally worth the wait.

Jonathan Marcus

Congrats Team Vimeo! Channels 2.0 seems exciting too.

Soxiam Staff

tip: want to make it easier for people to find your groups? add some tags in your group settings page.


good work!
let's try it out now :)


Looks sweet! I'll get some grouping done!


Hey Hey and props to the new scrolling feature too , you guys are kicking it!!
Awesome Thank you!
Another Song


Love it!


great thing!
but I still find channels and albums a little redundant. channels and groups make more sense, i guess


Excellent work. Channels with open contributions is exactly what I needed. Thank you!



Underground Planet Plus

Okay, so do you have to actually upload video's to a group or can you add a video that's already been uploaded? If it is that you have to reupload, isn't that an unnecessary tax on bandwidth and space if someone is uploading to their profile and then a group, or worse yet groups?

I'm a little perplexed here, maybe I'm missing the obvious (wouldn't be the first time). I like the tabs, I like the ability for users to add their own, but where am I wrong in thinking that it seems like this could have been an upgrade to channels instead of a separate feature?

Albums, channels, groups, seems like it's all getting more confusing. Not knocking it, just not getting it.

- Ray

P.S. Okay, I found that if you are a member of a group, when on a video's page that group is then an option under the "Add" tab.

P.P.S. So I started one for lipdubs cuz doing it is the best way to figure it out methinks. I've added some of my fav's but feel free to add the ones I missed:


Soxiam Staff

please reread the portion of andrew's blog post about the intended difference between the 2 products.

Erick C. Plus

looks really great but i'm a little confused too:

"Groups makes it easy to get a bunch of contributors together and upload directly into a group, then have conversations entirely contained within that group. You can add forums, share calendars, photos, and even music with members of the group."

cant you already do that with a channel? why will channels be downgraded?

Blake Whitman Staff

i wrote this in a similar thread in the forums:

The main difference will be the tools within each feature.

Channels 2.0 will be a very stripped down version of its current self: no calender, no files, no forums... just videos more or less. We will allow for multiple view modes that will be set by the moderators, and will will give the ability to organize/order videos within each Channel.

Groups are for discussion and participation around common themes, of which video is a component, but not necessarily the reason to join a group. We hope Groups will create communities and bolster more conversations around each Group's theme, not just be a destination to watch videos.

I think you guys are going to like Channel's 2.0 -- I am very excited about it.


wow, this is so good. it's not only groups it's a full package new feature area that looks awesome. thanks alot for this.


In the groups logo prefs we need to be able to change header txt colour to suit the different logos coloured backgrounds... so its visible


thats the second I have had......whoa!

Vaclav Chaloupka

Cool, thanks. Two suggestions thoughts.
- it will be good if the videos could be grouped or sorted to folders. As the group grows larger, it might get messy (I've already seen this with Channels).
- there seems to be a problem with custom URL. Once I change it I can not access the group under the new URL anymore.


Very cool. I was wondering though, does the moderator of the group have the ability to remove videos that others have posted?


Excellent. I thought so, but I wanted to be sure before I switched my channel over. Thanks.

Derek Reynolds

Very impressive. Congrats on launching Groups!


wow over 200 in just one day!
groups are a big hit, congrats vimeo for such a smart move

Flawed Human Being

this is really magical. Is there a way to add in-line forum images? All signs point to no but a man can dream can't he?


yay!!! groups are awesome :)


Ok,... i found some odd stuff,... maybe a bug?
I uploaded this video to the group Chillers Lounge
Chillers Lounge
But the settings of the title and such weren't used in the group, it was just, untitled,... eventhough it had all the info added whilst uploading.
So I removed it from the group to re-add it...
What happens,... I've added it, but it does not appear in the group itself!?

Help O_O;


please don't remove the blog feature from channels! ..thanks! :)

Gert Kracht


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