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Happy April, Fools!

Daniel Hayek
April 1, 2010 by Daniel Hayek Alum

Here at Vimeo we have a long standing tradition of tricking our beloved Community with a clever prank every year on April Fool's Day. It seems no matter how hard we try though you clever folks always figure out our pranks without fail.

I'm sure no one will soon forget the great upside down video prank fiasco of 2006, the erase your likes option (codenamed operation clean slate) that we offered in 2007, and it goes well without saying that we're all still chuckling at the "let us delete all your videos for you" prank of 2008, and let's not forget last years "we're going out of business, you have 24 hours to remove all your video content" prank. Now that was a real hoot!

This year we've decided to make our prank harder to find, but trust us, it's hilarious, you just have to look really hard to find it. You'll need to scour the site from the peaks of the HD Channel to the swamps of the Help Center to find it, it could be anywhere!

The first Vimeo member to post a comment here explaining this year's prank gets a Plus account. If you already have a Plus account we'll give you an extra year for free. Additionally the fourth person to comment on this blog post may be eligible for a live phone chat with us the Vimeo Staff. So get cracking Vimeo detectives, we eagerly await the results of your search!

UPDATE- The prank was that there was no prank. Fooled many, but not all of you! That Arnie audio file has been there for a long time, consider it an Easter egg, happy Easter!


Mike Rohlfing Plus

I'd say there's no actual prank... You're just trying to see how many people will scour the site for hours in vain.

Andrea Allen PRO

Hey Mike, have you ever thought about signing things Mike ROFLing? I know the F and the L are switched, but it could be pretty cool.

Andrea Allen PRO

Ryan, you're the fourth commenter on this blog! Would you like a call from the staff? If yes, send me a message with your phone number.

Tommy Leas

the april fools prank is that there is no video. the prank is wasting your time trying to find the video. am I right?

Tommy Leas

you can't upload any videos is the prank


just found it go to the and under busted tees link there is a hidden audio file link.. lol


also the

Cody Sherman

Gahhh is that it? I wouldn't put it past Vimeo always having that there lol

Cody Sherman


haha, nah jk, i take it, it's just already been found?

EDIT: Post is back now? Whats going on? Should I still be lookin?

Rick Lopez

I hope it's the Arnie audio link. Cuz that was funny, plus my eyes are hurtin' from all this searching.


At least you didn't turn the video's to ASCII. Now that's a good prank... *cough*


My comment was a wink to youtube.. :)

Tommy Leas

arnie audio file is the prank!

Andy Smith

April fool joke = there is none, we are all fools for looking


did u guys take away the links on the beyond the still winning page... i can't click on the original videos to view the comments from that page. The Story Beyond The Still or am i just totally nuts and this has been this way the entire time??? lol


look… id love to look for the prank… but considering a guy i work with got fired for pulling a prank today …I'm all pranked out. I'm going to a take a break from april fools.

also im dyslexic so im not going to read all this jumbo for a chance to get plus account… Vimeo to me is a plus and a half with just only having basic. I'm a newbie… i dig it!

I hope whatever the prank is i hope it feeds the needy or something crazy like that.

with much love - matt


i dig i can reply to my own comment… thats like having a imaginary friend who you dont got to tell secrets to. VIMEO WHERE WERE U WHEN I WAS KID… like in my photo..

Daniel Hayek Staff

Ha ha, we're happy to remind you that it's never to late to have a good childhood.


hey man… how can i help the world that some call there life others may call vimeo…? I'm new at this…

Mike McHale

You did not reset our messages so we think messages we've already read are new?

Matthew Joseff Plus

I thought it was in my Vimeo update: "Your videos were played 404 times, did not receive any likes, and did not receive any comments."

Matthew Joseff Plus

The explanation being, my videos average 5 views a day and 404 would be extraordinary. It's also the code for an HTTP page not found error and the area code for Atlanta.


Was it the busted tees? or commenting with my very own video?

Kevin Gilmore

3 hours of searching every corner of vimeo. very funny.


Youtube is good.


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