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Happy Halloween!

Andrea Allen
October 31, 2008 by Andrea Allen Staff

It's Halloween and as darkness descends over the land, ghosts, ghouls, zombies, bogeymen and vimians will stalk the streets, searching for victims.

Your only hope of survival is to capture the spooky evening on your cameras and upload them to our new Halloween Group.
Are you going trick-or-treating? Wearing a crazy costume? Attending a Halloween party? Planning a monster lipdub?

Add only your scariest, most gruesome videos to the group.



Cody Smith

you look like a zombie!

Matt Schwarz Alum

That's weird cause I'm having brains as well...we might be going to the same place.

Cody Smith

The House of the Living Dead? I've heard good things about that restaurant.

Matt Schwarz Alum

Oh I love that place, but I was actually thinking of a place a couple blocks over, Organ Organic


Happy Hallow's Eve! Love the logo retouch!

ps. Vimeo + pour Canada s'il vous plait ;)


I will be safe when I'm at work, my buildings are on lockdown. Wait, I'm security and will have to go outside, crap.


YAYAYAYAYAY! my profile pic was my costume some years ago.

Thomas Valdez

I'm pretty excited about this. Last night my town broke the world record for zombie walks! ha


Where can I read about this? Seems humorous :D


Niiice man, was you doing this?

Kevin Paul

Nice Blog about the HALLOWEEN...


Huh halloween... I didn't do much. But I did watch the Bond film... I guess?

Gerrit Croes

hahaha That's nice :)
Me on the other hand, I don't celebrate darkness :D
I celebrate THE LIGHT!

HelloLIGHT! :D

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