Vimeo provides an exclusively ad-free viewing experience for a number of reasons. Some are obvious: it’s annoying to have to sit through a commercial before watching an amazing video. But for filmmakers, perhaps the most important thing is the ability to express a vision without constraints. If Vimeo relied on advertising, then we would have to restrict the voices we celebrate to ensure our featured videos were ‘advertiser-friendly.’ And if the whole world of videos was advertiser-friendly, we believe it would be a boring place.

We also believe that there is a better business model than ad-supported video — and we have the numbers to back it up. Filmmakers selling their videos using Vimeo’s tools are earning a lot more per viewer than they could on an ad-supported platform. And by using Vimeo On Demand or VHX, you can create and sell what you believe in, directly to your fans, without needing to answer to advertisers.

We’re proud that film and video makers of all stripes choose Vimeo as the home for their videos, filling our community with a diverse array of voices and stories. Here are a few bold, creative works, including free and paid videos, that range from web series, to short films, to documentaries and beyond — most of which probably would not be considered ‘advertiser-friendly.’ Do note that since these videos are just as their makers intended, we haven’t censored a thing, and in some cases that may mean NSFW.

In Ryan Moody’s short film about a school shooting, we’re challenged to think about how the media’s obsession with violence gives too much attention to the perpetrators and not enough to the victims.

Filmmaker Sean Dunne makes visceral documentaries that celebrate alternative subcultures, such as this challenging film about internet sex workers and their creative self-expression.

In this documentary from Fat Rat Films, female actors read stories of prostitution from the male perspective. These revealing and often graphic recountings spark debates about human sexuality and how it functions in today’s society.

In Bianca Del Rio’s stand-up special, her foul-mouthed comedy comes alive in a way that would never be allowed on television — but we love the irreverence.

If you’re a filmmaker or video creator looking for an uncensored home for your voice, welcome to the Vimeo community. Get started by uploading for free, selling your video or series on Vimeo On Demand, or launching a subscription network with VHX. We can’t wait to see what you share.