We've all seen them: the holiday videographers who get in people's faces, make everyone self-conscious, and never get to enjoy the party themselves. Does that sound familiar? Wait, are you blushing?

Don't worry, you don't have to be that guy. Or even that girl. We have some simple tips to help you capture amazing holiday footage while still partaking in the festivities. Watch and learn:

Ok, got all that? Let's recap:

  • Be cool. You don't want to kill the vibe at your holiday party by being an overbearing director. Let people be themselves and try to capture candid moments discreetly. Don't force people to pretend the camera isn't there — it's OK if they acknowledge that you're filming.
  • Plan ahead for the big moments. Most holiday get-togethers have some key highlights — the celebratory toast, the vigorous unwrapping of gifts — around which you might structure your video.
  • Think about style. Make your video more dynamic and interesting by mixing close-ups, over-the-shoulder shots, and wide takes. If you really want to look like a pro, keep in mind your framing and composition and remember the Rule of Thirds.
  • Don't forget the details. Telling a story successfully means capturing the little things, which in this case might include decorations, painstakingly curated holiday outfits, and food. (Warning: No one likes to see themselves scarfing food, so keep the mouth close-ups to a minimum.
  • Be creative and have fun. “˜Nuff said.

Need more inspiration? Check out this awesome holiday video from Charlie McCarthy

We love how the first-person perspective and time-lapse edits immerse us in the video and take us through a whole day in just a few minutes.

And then there's this expectation-defying video Christmas card from Jared Foster and his family.

This big reveal at 00:45 provides a nice twist and shows that you don't have to live in a winter wonderland to have a merry Christmas.

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