If you follow any celebrity’s social feed, you probably know who Simone De La Rue is. The Australian dancer had an incredibly successful career in world theater tours and on Broadway. She credited her constant health and ability to avoid injury to her pre and post performance workouts. After she retired from performing, she became a personal trainer and now, fitness phenomenon. She took a moment from her busy schedule to talk with us about how she launched her own subscription network and is bringing her routines into the homes of all her fans.

Vimeo OTT: When and how did you get into the fitness world?

Simone De La Rue: I started as a professional dancer. I danced my way through London’s West End and Broadway for a career lasting 18 years. I accidentally fell in love with fitness when I worked with an actress who needed to look like a dancer for a film. I enjoyed the process [of working with her] so much and seeing her transformation, that I found I had a new passion. I was excited to help transform other people’s bodies through dance.

Why did you decide to start a subscription network?

I started my brand five years ago with a staff of two. Now I have three studios and a staff of 40. I’ve authored a book, have three DVDs, and now the Body By Simone (BBS) Subscription Network. I wanted to reach as many people as I could. Bringing myself and my team into people’s living rooms is very exciting!

How did you build up an audience for your site before you launched?

Mostly through press. I’m lucky to have a very large celebrity following and that helped spread the word about BBS.

How do you continue to grow the word of mouth around your network since you’ve launched?

Social media is incredible and it’s how I share news and announcements with all of my followers. I primarily use Facebook and Instagram. Posting free 10 second videos as a teaser helps get the interest of new viewers and you can easily direct them to your site from there.

What was the biggest challenge to launching your own network?

It’s important to make sure your content is high quality and informative for your audience. You also want to make sure that you stay on top of updating your content. BBS adds a new workout every month to challenge subscribers and make sure they’re not getting bored by doing the same routines.

Every week there are press mentions of celebrities and other devotees who follow your routines. Why do you think your BBS has become so popular?

We tell people to leave their egos at the door and to just come in and sweat. I think that’s what they love about it. We also don’t treat anyone differently. A celebrity is going to get the exact same workout as any other client. Dance is so much fun. Clients are always smiling ear to ear during their workouts, not to mention when they see how their bodies transform.

What are your plans for the future?

World domination! Ha! Seriously, though I want to build another studio in NYC, one in London, and keep changing the lives of people everywhere through dance.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone launching their own subscription network?

My mantra is, “Say yes to life!” Making sure that you’re producing regular content is hard work, but you just need to keep coming back to the passion and love you have for what you’re doing and building.

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