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How Artifact Uprising uses video to make an impact

Kate O'Connor Morris
January 28, 2019 by Kate O'Connor Morris Staff

The world already knows we’ve got a thing for video. And so do the brilliant minds over at Artifact Uprising. This Denver-based e-commerce company takes the photos from your devices and delivers them to you in the form of photo albums, and other printed goods. Even though they’re rooted in analog, they’ve adopted video to engage their community and expand their reach.

We wanted to know more, so we spoke with Laura Schmalstieg, Artifact Uprising’s Brand Director. She’s been the driving force behind their recent video marketing, and she made the decision to use Vimeo as their platform for sharing these stories. And, if you head to their website, you’ll see they’ve adopted our player customization features to highlight their brand’s look and feel.

Laura had some truly inspired things to say.

Vimeo: What is Artifact Uprising’s purpose as a brand?
Laura: We exist to create joy. There is an unparalleled joy that happens when we take time to relive our life experiences through our photos. Artifact Uprising provides a simple way for you to get those photos off your device and into your life through a line of printed photo books, gifts, and more.

Your company was founded on the resurgence of printing physical photos and stills. How does video support you in telling that story?
I love this question. We believe everyone has a story to tell. Much of that narrative can be found in the sequence of seconds that begged us to reach for our cameras. Each time we take a photo, it is a mini declaration that says: this moment matters.

Video allows us to highlight these moments, connecting viewers to the experiences that tie them back to their own camera rolls. A reminder that we get to choose the legacy we leave.

In addition, video has been a powerful tool in sharing the premium quality and design of our product line. Being a digital e-commerce company, video allows us to bring our products to life like little else can. 

Both product and marketing videos seem to play a pretty strategic role for Artifact Uprising. How did you go about baking this idea into your marketing goals?
The brands that are making an innovative impact these days all have one thing in common — captivating storytelling. With stories at the core of both who we are and what we offer, we knew that we had to venture out into the best medium for sharing narratives: film.

Since launching our first video in 2015, we’ve utilized video in our strategy to encompass everything from conversion optimization with product videos for our landing pages, to telling the story of design and quality and sharing our new purpose with our community.

We see video as a visual extension of who we are and what we provide.

How have you measured its success?
This really depends on the original objective for the video. We’ve seen great success with the Vimeo embeds on our site and the amount of engagement taking place with the video assets on our product pages. Most of our Vimeo views have primarily stemmed from those on-site placements.

We set video view and reach goals for each project. We then aggregate Vimeo, social, and email engagement to understand how the piece is performing across channels.

In addition, we’ve tested multiple formats through paid spend on Facebook and Pinterest, and have seen the most success on the Collection Ads that pair video with clickable product images underneath.

What are the top 3 stories that you are most proud to have shared through video?

  1. We Exist For Joy – A narrative of life’s joyful experiences and what it looks like to pause and relive them through our photos.

  1. Gifting, Made Meaningful – A collection of real-life holiday gift reactions from our customers — from excitement to reflection, this one just might make you tear up.

  1. On Legacy – A short documentary-style piece featuring Joe Bucholt, a 95-year-old Manhattanite and loving grandfather. He shares how he leaves his legacy through his photographs.

What was the point of making the switch to Vimeo?
Quality. We are firm believers that quality matters and root business decisions around it. Vimeo provides the most elegant and immersive viewing experience out there. It’s incredible to see how seamlessly our videos play on the platform.

What feature on our platform are you loving most?
I love how community-driven Vimeo is! We spent a lot of time finding the right partners when it comes to creating these videos, and I was excited to see that I could then link out to the director of photography, production house, and editor on the video page with the credit feature.

You worked with Futuristic Films on “We exist for Joy.” Anything specific that made you choose them as creative partners?
Futuristic Films has a reputation of excellence paired with accessibility. Both in the way they create their films and the way they approach client relationships. From our first interaction, I felt their collaborative energy and knew they had to be the partner to bring this project to life. I am grateful that we chose to work with them, as the end product was full of joy, authenticity, and the premium quality we hoped for.

Any video projects you’re cooking up for 2019 — that you can share ;)?
Not that I can share in full, but I will leave you with this thought… with an oversaturation of messaging coming our way each day, consumers are looking for sources of authenticity — ideas and concepts that they can relate to. There is something wildly meaningful about connecting with your current customers and elevating their stories to share your brand message. That’s the direction Artifact Uprising will be taking this year with video.

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