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How one filmmaker leverages 360 video for social justice

Niko Brown
May 15, 2017 by Niko Brown Staff

Shannon Carroll is determined to use visual storytelling to aid social justice causes and nonprofits. As the creative director at Vivid Story, a production agency, she focuses on finding new ways to tell personal stories: through videos, she inspires feelings of empathy and encourages people to take action in the causes that she believes in. For Shannon, 360 video is a great medium for social justice because — more than most other mediums — it gives the viewer a real sense of human connection.

Shannon was one of 10 filmmakers to be accepted into the VR for Good Bootcamp by Oculus. Each filmmaker was given a Nokia OZO 360 camera, and paired up with a nonprofits in order to make a 360 video. She traveled to Niger in West Africa with the humanitarian organization CARE and made the incredible film “Women on the Move,” documenting one woman’s journey as she moves from poverty into a women’s savings group. The powerful film premiered at the Oculus house at Sundance, and recently was shown at SXSW Film Festival.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with Shannon, pick her brain about the experience of shooting the film, and glean her advice for fellow 360 filmmakers.

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