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How one non-profit uses video to combat anti-trans violence

Rachel Goldberg
June 13, 2017 by Rachel Goldberg Staff

We believe in the power of videos. And WITNESS, a non-profit that uses video to defend human rights, has pioneered harnessing that for good for the last 25 years. Their work covers a staggering breadth of international issues: from stopping gender-based violence in Zimbabwe, to combating forced evictions in Cambodia, to offering tips for activists at Standing Rock. They not only train citizens and activists on how to ethically capture footage, but have also shed light on the fact that creators are uniquely qualified to further these causes.

One incredibly powerful example of their work is Capturing Hate, a groundbreaking project that sheds let on the prevalence of anti-trans violence by using videos as a form of data. Karen Stevenson, who spearheaded the project, stopped by Vimeo HQ to overview the report, why it’s so essential, and how — as a global community — we can use videos as a tool to help combat violence and bigotry. Hear from non-profit WITNESS on Capturing Hate, a groundbreaking report which uses videos to shed light on anti-trans violence.


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