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How To Assemble A Crew

May 12, 2011 by Mark Staff

Some videos require more than just one person and a camera. Sometimes you need a bunch more people to help you get the job done. What happens when you're ready to go but don't have a crew to back you up? You've got a bunch of options, let's run down the list.

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Let's assume you've already asked all of your filmmaker friends and they've turned you down because they have to wash their hair or walk their dog. That's where the power of the internet comes in! First, give a try. Post under the "Crew" and "Creative" section under Gigs. You'll get a much better response if you're offering some sort of payment, but we all know sometimes you're working with a shoestring budget so it's okay if you can't pay. Maybe you can offer up a free lunch or a hug! Keep in mind, there are often some folks in the industry who don't agree with free labor that will flag and delete your posts. Don't let that discourage you! If your post gets deleted, just put it back up again.

Next up, or These are the two most popular job hunting sites for indie filmmakers. These sites will charge you a little bit of money to post, but you're likely to get a much better response than Craigslist. These sites are aimed specifically towards crew (and actors!) looking for work. Just like on Craigslist, if you can pay, even just a little bit, you'll get a much better response. But a little hug goes a long way.

Check with your local universities! There are always students in the communications and film departments always eager and willing to work on a project. Find out the email address of the department chairperson or faculty and see if they'd be willing to pass it along to students. You can find a list of film schools at

Network, network, network! Finding a crew will get much easier as time goes by. The absolute best thing you can do is to help out on the sets of films that aren't your own. Meet and talk to similarly minded people and maybe they can give you a hand on one of your projects!

Or just give me a call, i'm free on Thursday nights. Good luck!


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