So, you drank too much coffee and now your handheld shots are a bit shaky. Fret not. You can still stabilize your shot in post. Final Cut Pro X has a built-in image stabilization feature that helps you smooth out that unwanted shakiness. Bonus: It’s really easy to use.

Let’s get started.

How to stabilize your shot

Step 1:

Drop the clip that you want to stabilize into your timeline.

Step 2:

You can only stabilize an entire clip, and not a portion of a clip. So you’ll need to use the Blade tool to trim the exact portion you want to stabilize.

Step 3: 

Choose the Inspector button. If you don’t see it, hit ⌘4 on your keyboard.

Step 4:

In the inspector window, choose the Video button.

Step 5:

Next, check the box next to Stabilization. Automatic settings are applied and Final Cut Pro X begins stabilizing your footage. Good robot. 

Step 6 (optional):

Now, if you’re happy with the results, you’re done. You can also tweak your settings further, if you’d like. Click on Show (next to Stabilization). From here, fine-tune your video’s stabilization based on your preferences. The higher you move the sliders, the more aggressive the stabilization correction is. The translation smooth slider effects movement on the x and y axes (left, right, up, down). The rotation smooth slider effects rotation around the center point. Finally, the scale smooth slider effects movement on the z axis (that’s forward and backward movement).

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