Magnetic. Inspiring. Rockstar.

These are all words we’ve heard used to describe Sadie Nardini, the entrepreneur and fitness innovator behind the virtual studio The Fit and Fierce Club. On top of being an actual rockstar (she’s the lead singer of Sadie & The Tribe), Sadie is the CEO of Sadie Nardini, LLC, a fast-growing online yoga and fitness studio, and e-course business; the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga® and the Yoga Shred® yoga + HIIT styles; and one of the world’s bestselling online e-course creators.

We sat down with Sadie at the 2019 SHINE conference in Anaheim to get her secrets for building a successful subscriber video on demand (SVOD) business. Read on for Sadie’s three tips for developing your own fitness channel strategy.

1. Clarity

A mistake too many people make, Sadie says, is to start adding videos to their new SVOD site without a defined strategy. But if your content strategy is random, then your audience will be random, too. You can’t please everyone, so think carefully about what audience you want to attract. The clearer you are about who you are and what you offer, the more you will attract your most aligned community (and avoid refunds).

Homework: Decide what sections your new video site will have (don’t go too broad!).


If your content strategy is random, then your audience will be random, too.

Sadie Nardini


2. Creativity

Once you’ve mapped out your content strategy and site structure, it’s time to get creative. Make sure each offering and provides clear value, is specific to your desired message, and targets a specific challenge for your viewer. “Yoga Flow: Backbends,” for instance, is not as attractive a title as “Heart-Opening Yoga Flow.” Simple shifts and more streamlined themes can create miracles for increasing your subscription rate.

Homework: Within your video sections, write ten classes made for specific outcomes that fit your brand and add value for your audience.

3. Consistency

Whatever you promise your first subscribers, make sure you can keep up that pace. “I know I can make (or film and bank up) a new class each week,” says Sadie. “I might make more, but I can promise that ‘I post new content every week!’”

One of the best ways to plan for life’s little interruptions is to create a batch of content ahead of time. Once you have a library of content to pull from, publish it on a set schedule throughout the month. Sadie sometimes films as many as eight classes in one week, knowing that the backlog of content will last for a month or more.

Homework: Document your content creation plan. Choose a shooting/editing schedule that works within your current weekly routine, and then just begin!

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