On Tuesday, MTV announced the nominees for the 2015 Video Music Awards and unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Mark Ronson, and Kendrick Lamar received most of the nominations. Sure, kind of boring, but we get it: the VMAs exist to celebrate pop stars, and the best way to get Taylor Swift to come to your award show is to nominate her nine times. However, because six of the 15 categories are technical awards, the VMAs continue to be one of the highest profile events for music videos as an art form. 

While plenty of fantastic videos were nominated this year including a few Staff Picks (!), we feel the list doesn't represent the full landscape of the incredibly diverse music videos released in 2015. With that in mind, we've decided to add a few of our own nominees from the Vimeo community. This still isn't a complete list, though. (It would be impossible to highlight all of the great filmmakers who have made awesome music video this year.) But, it's an opportunity for the Vimeo Curation team to add a little more depth to the VMAs technical categories. Check it: 

Best Art Direction 

Best Choreography 

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Visual Effects

Best Animation

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