Vimeo has long been home to a community of the most iconic filmmakers in the world. And, as a creator-first platform, we’re obsessed with providing the tools that busy creative professionals need to make your videos — exceptionally.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest way to empower and support our creative community. It’s something you’ve been asking about for years, and today Vimeo Stock is finally here.

Our new global, royalty-free stock marketplace is the result of countless conversations that we’ve had with you, our users. For the first time ever we’re unlocking content directly from Vimeo’s world-renowned storytellers. In fact, the majority of contributors in our launch collection are licensing their footage for the first time, and exclusively on Vimeo. We’re also excited to offer industry-leading economics for both stock contributors and buyers.

In other words, our footage collection raises the standard of traditional stock. Rather it’s a hand-selected, highly curated assembly of truly stunning footage designed to make your videos even better.

See for yourself:

Here are a few things that set Vimeo Stock apart from other stock licensing platforms.

  • Exclusive footage from world-renowned creators
    Our collection offers unrivaled quality footage from world-renowned filmmakers, advanced motion graphics artists, known visual innovators, and even an astronaut — creators who have not licensed this footage anywhere else ever before. We’ve exclusively partnered with filmmaking collective Story & Heart, animator Hannah Jacobs, adventure and travel filmmaker Raphael Rogers, and way too many Staff Picked filmmakers to list here. Did we mention that over half these stock contributors are Vimeo Staff Pick alums?
  • A handpicked selection of everything you need
    Bringing in incredible footage was essential to Vimeo Stock, because we wanted to empower you to tell your best stories. There are countless times during production when you need to source establishing shots, create a compelling montage, or simply find a way to evoke a feeling from your audience. You’ll find diverse and dynamic selections across key production categories: gorgeous aerials, establishing shots, motion graphics, time-lapse, animation, travel, and more. The entire collection is easily searchable and available for licensing via a simple, royalty-free model.

  • Seamless integration and workflow
    Your purchased clips seamlessly integrate with the rest of our workflow tools, so you benefit from easily hosting, organizing, reviewing and distributing footage, rough cuts and finished works, all in one place. In other words, the clunky days of having to download purchased clips for use on other platforms are over.
  • Industry leading savings
    As an extra-thank you to our wonderful community of creative professionals, we’re offering paid Vimeo members an automatic 20 percent savings on all of your stock purchases, always.Haven’t subscribed to one of our membership plans yet? Choose a plan that fits your needs, and you’ll get a 20 percent savings on BOTH your Vimeo plan and your purchased stock footage.

    When you use Vimeo Stock for your projects, more of your money goes into the pockets of creators, not us. Our stock contributors will keep up to 70 percent of the revenue generated from their licensed clip, versus the industry average of only around 35 percent. So, when you buy clips from the Vimeo Stock marketplace, you’re directly supporting independent filmmakers.

We are proud of the caliber of stock footage launching today. And that is a testament to the talent of our dedicated and inspiring community of filmmakers.

We hope you’ll give our new offering a try when it’s time to source footage for your next project.

Browse the whole collection, and start planning your next project. Want your footage considered for stock licensing on Vimeo? Fill out our stock submissions form.