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Introducing... Vimeo Categories!

Blake Whitman
May 26, 2009 by Blake Whitman Alum

It's no secret that Vimeo members upload some of the best content on the web. This site is a powerhouse of talent, and all of the credit for that goes to you guys.

Our job is to do as much as we can to give all of that incredible work the exposure that it deserves and give everyone the ability to find it more easily. It's for that reason that we created Vimeo Categories: a new way to discover people, communities, and videos you might not normally see.

Vimeo Categories work differently than similar systems you might have seen on other sites. Categories are populated automatically using your Channels and Groups. If you moderate a Channel or Group there's a new settings tab that will let you choose up to two top-level Categories to be included in. Our algorithm will automatically look at videos you've selected and include them in the Category pool, favoring videos, people, and tags that are most active and representative of that Category.

Now that Vimeo Categories are here, your TV is going to feel lonely because you're going to be spending all your free time browsing through top-notch content on Vimeo. We've been working on Categories for several months now and have already found a boatload of new stuff we never even knew about thanks to the collective editorial consciousness of everyone here. We know you're going to love it, and you can help us by categorizing all your Groups and Channels right now!

PS- The bulk load of Categories was written by Sean who unfortunately couldn't be here for its release because he just had a beautiful baby daughter. If you dig Categories give him a big thank you here!


Daniel Madaler

Finally a good way to browse.

And where is the video of the baby girl? :)

edit: some pictures of the featured categories are missing... at least "Technology"


Thanks and super congrats, Sean :)!!

Remyyy Plus

Congrats to Sean for the baby ! All the best ! And congrats to you all for that baby too ! I'm already digging the category page who looks awesome (Big big up Sox !). (me refreshing the category page ten times, one more, one more)

Andrew Wilson Plus

Love the new categories section. It takes Vimeo's professional stance up another notch. The layout and design of the pages themselves are very well done, too. Awesome job, Sean! :D


Great feature. Any way to get RSS feeds on categories ?

Soxiam Staff

we've considered rss and subscription options for categories but decided that's not the direction we want to drive this product for now.


That's understandable. It's already huge step forward the automated categorization, which i'll hope will be used wisely by the community.

Maybe in the future, ultra-niche categories could have RSS. Oh, wait ... we call that groups :)

thanks for the reply.

Andrew Pile Staff

To add to Sox's point, we didn't want to detract from the Channels and Groups in these Categories. If you like what you see, subscribe to them!

Frederic Vercammen Plus

now I can still many more videos discover on the best site ever,
Thank you for browsing ...

Daniel Canona

Love the simple, clean UI. Vimeo, you've done it again.

David Price

Good job and congratulations to the new Dad!

Ian Matthew Welch

Well done guys! I will now have absolutely no life since I will spend most of my time browsing videos in a new, refreshing way. Keep up the great work!


Great amount of work done here and it shows! I was able to find videos I was looking for instantly! I even saw a few of mine, awesome!

Efehan Plus

I love the categories, its a discovery attack. Well done!


Congrats Sean!!

Is there any way we have influence on this?
Like I'm making a web series -> short doumentary. I'd love to se that in the list as well

Blake Whitman Staff

Create a Channel with your content and categorize it and tag it appropriately.


OMGZ, this is too cool! xD


Very very well done! Great tool!

Charlie Wilson

Awesome! I've always loved the content on Vimeo, and it's even better now there's a nice way to discover new stuff. Great job!


Good job!!! It will be better if we can select wich category belongs to every video. In our channel we have comedy videos, but also concerts from our band, but also experimental stuff, but also... it's only a suggestion. Thanks again.

mike ambs Plus

Awesome, awesome, awesome job! :) I'm really digging the category page *thumbs up*


i just enjoyed catoegories..and yea, i'm sure i am going to enjoy them for quite a while from now on.

thank you boys and girls up there!

The AbiolaTV Overflow Channel Plus

Thanks so much. We can't wait to dig in. We're new to Vimeo - still getting used to it, but so far, it's awesome. Thank you, again. And congrats on the baby!


Cool, thanks Vimeo!

And it was neat seeing one of my videos listed under the first category I clicked on. :)


'oly crap! awesomeness.......gonna head over to digg it now~

Christina King

I'm very happy to be here! *^.^*
With warm regards from Canada! :)

Andrew Wilson Plus

Been browsing categories a bit more. Awesome work, but I'm still a bit sketchy on how one gets their work into a category. Are you saying that a video is selected only from being in channels and groups tagged under a relevant category and tags, and only if the video itself is highly viewed / liked / commented? And this is done automatically by a program?

Blake Whitman Staff

it rates videos in channels and groups highest, then videos that aren't in channels and groups that have more likes and related tags and titles.

rick fiduccia Plus

Great idea these Vimeo Categories

How about one for "beer & donuts"

Ronen V Plus

I don't see a "fucking awesome" category.


BigCrow (Crow Pictures)

Thats great... but I don't understand 1 thing: if my (or eny) video is NOT in any group or chanel, how it's gonna be categorized?

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