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Join Vimeo at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival!

Sam Morrill
January 18, 2012 by Sam Morrill Staff

Yo Vimeo!

It's that time of the year again: when independent film, skiing, and Robert Redford collide amid a wintry mix of celluloid and snow. Yup, the 2012 Sundance Film Festival is almost upon us. And, as you may have already guessed from the fact that we are even writing this blog post, Vimeo is going to be there.

Not surprisingly, Vimeans are well represented in this year's Sundance lineup, with Kibwe Tavares, This Is It, and Drea and Zack from []( <a href=)">California is a Place among the many Vimeo members whose work will be shown. With that in mind, we want to celebrate our community in proper Vimeo fashion — with a little get-together at the fest!

If you are in or around Park City, Utah on Sunday, January 22, please join us at the Wasatch Brew Pub from 7-9pm. You'll recognize us from the passion, creativity, and pure Vimeo love emanating from our corner. We may also be wearing Vimeo t-shirts.

Everyone's welcome — hope to see you there!

Sam (Jason, Jeremy and Jordan)

P.S. If you want to track us down at any other point, tweet at us! @SamMorrill, @jasondhi, @jordanjmcgarry


JC Lopez

if only i could. good luck guys!

Mohit Deshpande

Apparently no one as @jordanmcgarry exists on twitter!

Anthony Meadows

Aw man. I was there doing press stuff a couple years ago, wish I was going this year too.

Parker Ellerman Plus

Would love to come, although they rejected "Two friendly Ghosts" ;-) I'm tied up in Europe. Have a great time.

Sam Morrill Staff

Sorry to hear about your film, but thanks for the well wishes, Parker!

Parker Ellerman Plus

Don't be sorry – "..I am sorrier!" It's a line from 2FG. I'm kiddin'. Festival screening for Two Friendly Ghosts is pretty much over. Last screening will be at the Beloit Filmfest. Sundance, of course is a long shot and you never know... Have a Wasatch Evolution for me. xtra Parker

Drew Xanthopoulos Plus

Will certainly stop by! A short film on which I was the cinematographer, "Hellion", directed by Kat Candler (a vimeo member as well), is in competition!

Domestic Infelicity Plus

We'll be there from next monday with a short 'Les conquerants / The Conquerors in competition. Hope we see you guys there!!!

Jason Sondhi Staff

Ah our NFB friends from up North! Jennifer told me you'll be coming down. Definitely want to meet up.

Adrian Wilson

Also Follow me on Twitter. I like this Vimeo Website Alot of Creative People. cant wait @djwestt

kayla sangster

well dis my first time on diss shytt : haha i dont kno how @ do it but im gonna figure it out somehow !

Kuro Plus

We are here too, will be videoing every day.

Follow the live feed starting Friday night:

or if your here add some video with the app.

Jason Sondhi Staff

Oh nice. Video all the celebs for me k? I'll be up to my eyeballs in shorts ;)

Rip Media Group PRO

Ill be there with the film 'Filly Brown' - looking forward to stopping by!

Grit Visual PRO

If I'm not on a shoot I will absolutely stop by the brew pub to say hey to you guys!


Wish things like this would come to Cape Town


Seriously man, if you want to come, then come! It's an awesome city! Check for the next big tech event and come dominate it :)


I'm not worthy! I love VIMEO though. It has been a real eye opener to how much unknown talent there is in this world.

Ben Nimkin Plus

I'll see you there. Vimeo is my Favorite. A movie I worked on was selected. Yay!!!

Super P.

Sam, can you inform me if 'Small Apartments' will be on Salt Lake? Can not go there this year due to reasns.


Good one i would have love to come, but can't this time, may be next year, good luck.

Square Films

It would be my dream to go there or to make a video for it :(


I'd love it but unfortunately I live on the other side of the planet!


I thought so but I'm scared of reptilians!


I think it's great, good idea

Renabd Shewm

I?m not that much of a internet reader to be genuine but your sites definitely good, keep it up! I am going to go ahead and bookmark your site to return later. All the best

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