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Daniel Hayek
January 28, 2014 by Daniel Hayek Alum

Learning is a pretty fantastic way to improve yourself. We at Vimeo are big fans of self-improvement, whether it’s learning to make better videos via Video School lessons, pushing your creative boundaries with Weekend Challenges, or browsing for inspiration in the beloved video halls of Staff Picks. All these avenues of video advancement are great paths to video enlightenment, but we felt something more was needed. So we began a new video series called Learning Vimeo!

Learning Vimeo is the best way to get a better understanding of Vimeo features, especially because the series is hosted by those friendly and helpful ambassadors of good will, the Vimeo Community Team. For this first batch of videos, we focused on core features you encounter upon first starting your Vimeo experience. Here are the first Learning Vimeo videos, in all their glory:

Profile Customization

Feed Management

Basic Privacy


p>Connecting to other Applications

Connected Devices

You’ll see these and other Learning Vimeo videos sprinkled on our pages and throughout the Vimeosphere — anywhere that a little education (and a few turtlenecks) might come in handy. Onward to learning!


Hummingbird UAV Plus

Bet you can't watch Vimeo on that ancient Apple box you are pretending to use. 5 1/4 floppy wow!


Everything is so Next Gen! ya its true...........


Muchachos: si desean macivizar (tener mucho más suscriptores o seguidores), deberían poner todos sus artículos y mails que envían en los idiomas más usados en el mundo y que cada uno pueda elegir cual es su idioma de preferencia (en mi caso el español). ¿No les parece? Gracias.-

Traducido con Google:
Guys: if you want macivizar (have much more subscribers or followers) should put all your articles and mails sent in the languages most used in the world and everyone can choose what your preferred language (Spanish in my case) . Is not it? Thank you. -

Daniel Hayek Staff

Hola Oscar, con respecto a nuestros rasgos y navegación en general, ofrecemos a Vimeo en cuatro lenguajes, incluyendo Español. Pero tienes razón que los artículos y blog son una oportunidad para crecer la audiencia internacional. Ahorita no tenemos los recursos necesarios para traducer ese contenido pero tal vez un día. Gracias por la sugerencia!


Gracias por tu respuesta, Daniel. Esperemos que pronto logren dicho objetivo!!!!!!!
Cordiales saludos desde Uruguay!!!!!!!!

Rui Pinto

Love the sweaters :D fancy stuff


An Appe 3c, those were the days.

Matt James Smith PRO

OK I've sent your future (older) selves. When they arrive they will be wearing sacks on their heads. You must assassinate them (lest the average age of the Vimeo office be doubled).

Tbfxtcxzo Plus

Concerning the feed of videos, why does My Feed say about a video that it was added to a group a week ago while the group page says added 1 hour ago? And why are several video entries in the rss feed of Vimeo groups containing the same videos almost daily being added to the same group again and again and again......?

John Peter Thiel

Vimeo is so three thousand and eight, and YouTube is so two thousand and late!


horrified by the predominant whimsy stained vintage retro america aesthetic

: - (

arian motta

Yeah, me too! But I think they're using it in an ironic way here


irony / non irony aside its all part of the increasing smug vimeo feel
its all time-lapses of banal craftmen making velvet hats in Brooklyn with logos and hand picked fonts

retrograde banality at its most glaring and men r loving it

Chris Diken Staff

Coming soon: an entire Channel dedicated to banal velvet hatlapse videos

Ilyas Khan

not play any video sir please help us

Chris Diken Staff

Sorry! We were fending off a DDoS attack over the weekend. Things should be back to normal now.


Thanks Daniel very useful tips for vimeo beginners

Matt Rath Plus

Haha the "Feed Management" is fantastic. Derrick's either gonna land a career with SNL, or a restraining order.

Nilton Neto Plus

Ainda tenho esperança que Vimeo irá lançar a linguagem do Brasil em Português BR.
Esse é meu grande sonho!
Não sei porque ainda não lançaram, pois Vimeo é muito popular aqui no Brasil. Ainda mais que esse ano teremos aqui a Copa do Mundo de Futebol e no ano de 2016 as Olimpíadas.

Google Chrome translator:

I still hope that Vimeo will release the language of Brazil in Portuguese BR.
This is my dream!
Do not know why I have not released because Vimeo is very popular here in Brazil. Further that this year we will have here the FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

Martin Tindall

This video is surely of great help. Its been some days on vimeo and loving watching videos and stuff but could get to customize my profile. This video will be of great help to me as it has been to a lot of people in going ahead with their profile.


can you help me to see sahajayoga puja videos- how to see??

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