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Let's have some Conversations!

Kevin Sheurs
May 12, 2008 by Kevin Sheurs Staff

Community and communication is a huge part of Vimeo, so we decided to put some more attention into Conversations.

My Conversations can be found under the Me menu item in the top navigation or by visiting the link below:

This section is comprised of all your private messages with other Vimeo members and all other "conversations" you have on Vimeo, which includes comments on videos you have uploaded or appeared in or replies to comments you have left on a video, forum, blog, or channel.

Some changes in this release include:

An addition of a dashboard which allows you to easily start a new conversation or see previews of your unread messages/conversations.

You now have the ability to mark ALL of your unread messages/conversations as read by clicking the links on the dashboard at the bottom of each section.

Private Messages are now broken out into its own tab which allows for better organization and clarity on your number of unread messages vs. unread conversations.

You can now link to a particular conversation with a Vimeo user by going to{username}. This will load up the entire conversation in its own tab with all previous messages or as an empty conversation if you are starting a new one.

Messages and conversations are now "auto read" so it feels more like an email inbox. So be sure to mark a message or conversation as "unread" if you wish to save it.

Message archive is all of your read private messages.

Conversations are now aggregated for a month back and if you have no messages or no conversations, those tabs do not show up.

We hope these updates makes communication easier and more enjoyable on Vimeo!



I love it....I'm becoming more chatty because of these it's all your

Karen Abad Plus

Oh man I definitely utilize this section A LOT. talky talky talky

on the hill films

"includes comments on videos you have uploaded or appeared in or replies to comments you have left on a video, forum, blog, or channel."

So, does that mean all of my comments are not presented in Conversations? That would be useful too.

Kevin Sheurs Staff

yes to clarify...

1) anytime someone leaves *any* comment on a video you uploaded or appear in it will show up in conversations

2) anytime someone leaves *any* comment on a blog or forum post you started it will show up in conversations

3) anytime someone *replies* to a comment you have left on a video, forum, blog, channel form, or channel blog it will show up in conversations since this is a reply to your should be seeing this in your My Conversations :)


video chat would be pimp


A notification on the home page that we have unread conversations could be nice too


now that's service for you

John Hope PRO

I love Vimeo, i love the site look and feel, i love the possibility to download the original HD file, i love the HD quality of the flash movies, i love the community! Vimeo Rocks!

Underground Planet Plus

I wish I liked it more. =(

I might just be slow on the uptake but it's just not very intuitive to me. I would prefer not to see every message in a thread, just have them as individual. I appreciate the lengths Vimeo goes to in it's interface design but I personally would like to see it be a bit more traditional. No need to revolutionize digital communication since this isn't an email site, Vimeo is for video.

- Ray

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