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Long live Weekend Challenge: what participating really means

December 6, 2016 by Mark Staff

Another amazing year of Weekend Challenges is drawing to a close. It’s a long-standing tradition at Vimeo— eight years and counting! — in which we share a prompt, get people to try new things and flex their craft, and then share their amazing videos with our community (and, winning a free Vimeo Plus account doesn’t hurt). We’ve run 212 challenges and accepted around 6,700 entries to date. And for each of the 25 challenges we tossed your way in 2016, you made us very proud: the amount of talent contained within these pixels is endless, and we’re so grateful that you continue to share your creativity with us.

But *why* exactly are Weekend Challenges so awesome, and what makes it such a special corner of the nets? We’d like to share a few words from some of this year’s winners, and we hope their sentiments will encourage you to participate in 2017 (and if you haven’t joined the group yet, you should do so!). Some great challenges are coming up, along with some amazing free things you’ll have a chance to win. We’re super pumped to see what you all make!

Tony Round, winner of the Variations on a theme IV challenge

“I really believe that the Weekend Challenges are part of what makes Vimeo so great. By creating a sense of community through things like the challenges, Vimeo goes beyond merely hosting videos. It’s nice to know that there are real people such as yourself at Vimeo who are excited by the potential of creative projects. It shows, too, in the general quality of material. I would guess that many people who submit videos for the challenges are like me — working on video in their ‘second’ life outside the daily grind. The quick nature of the Weekend Challenge is just the right push to get something created and shared without becoming bogged down by complex requirements.”

Abi Inman, winner of the Starting with sound II challenge

“I participate in the Weekend Challenge because it helps jolt me out of my routine. It’s so easy to get caught up in work and all the daily tasks of life that I forget to make time to be creative. The Weekend Challenge helped remind me of the joy of creative filmmaking — not for a job or a client, just for fun, just for me. It’s also such an incredibly supportive community. Any time I submit to the Weekend Challenge I’ll get people commenting on my submissions. Or if I ask someone who has submitted about their process or technique I’ll get a thorough, helpful answer. It’s great.”

Recal Media, winner of the Find your center II challenge

“I enter the Vimeo Weekend Challenge because it’s a great opportunity to try something different, expand my storytelling skill set, and be forced to think outside the box, all while under a time 
constraint! I love that it’s open to anyone and, more importantly, to anyone’s ideas or interpretation of a particular subject. It makes me feel really happy that somewhere out in the universe, people resonate with the film I made. More importantly, it gives a boost to my confidence and willpower to create more films.”

Keaton Davis, winner of the Explore the world of dating challenge

“The best part of the Weekend Challenge is the acknowledgement and exposure within the Vimeo community. Regardless if you win or lose, the compliments and critiques from fellow filmmakers are a priceless commodity. Not only does the Weekend Challenge inspire me to improve my craft, but it encourages me to help others with theirs.”

Pranay Patwardhan, winner of the Let us ride alongside your commute and Short cuts challenges

“The spontaneity of the Vimeo Weekend Challenge is what excites me to participate each time. 
The thrill of interpreting a topic, creating something unique, and sharing it with the community in the limited time allotted is really exciting. Filmmakers tend to be perfectionists and often keep working on their shorts endlessly. For me personally, this is a welcome change that pushes my creative limits. Vimeo has an amazing community that is very supportive, and the Weekend Challenge is no different. Every challenge has great variety and quality of content, and winning is a really sweet feeling!”

Ethan Oser, winner of the 5x5 magic challenge

“It’s easy for young filmmakers (myself included) to be convinced that endless resources and access to top-of-the-line equipment will allow us to unlock the deepest levels of our creativity, when in reality it’s a set of limitations that forces filmmakers to be at their most creative. Weekend Challenge provides a box that we as filmmakers are forced to think outside of week after week. Winning feels like a great stamp of approval, and it fuels me to stretch myself creatively even more!”

Sam Charette winner of the Fashion week(end challenge)

“Winning a challenge means a lot to me personally. I have passed and accomplished many things in my life that others may find more amazing, but for me, this was the most important. Doing the thing you care most about and having others enjoy it is amazing. I love seeing what other people come up with.”

Thanks for warming our hearts and screens, beautiful humans. We hope you’ll join the Weekend Challenge group, dive further into the archives for inspiration, and submit your stuff to our next Challenge, happening this Friday. 

In this ongoing Vimeo Video School series, we present our community with fun challenges to help hone their video-making prowess.



i enjoy participating in the challenges and appreciate the opportunity to practice making videos, so thank you for that

Mark Staff

I'm happy to hear that :) Glad you enjoy them!

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