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Make a Great Holiday Video

Ian Higginbotham
December 16, 2010 by Ian Higginbotham
Happy Holidays Vimeo! It's that time of the year where the extended family gets together to exchange gifts and headaches and you know one of your goofy uncles is going to film the whole thing. But it can be so much more than than awkward shots of Grandma drinking too much egg nog or capturing your disappointment at another pair of socks on video. Why not do what [Jared Foster]( did and shoot something creative! He takes the idea of a traditional holiday greeting card and flips it on it's head with these awesome videos. [clip:7935720] - Notice how in the above video Jared creates an interesting but simple narrative with his family celebrating the holiday in a desert. This keeps things fun and entertaining. - You'll see he frames his shots using objects in the background such as the cacti at the 1:00 mark. This gives him a really cool way to shoot his actors. He also uses the [rule of thirds]( when shooting the snow ball fight. - Jared uses a filter on the edges of the screen that creates a nice vintage look in his video. This is an effect that can be achieved in [editing]( Check out another [Holiday video]( Jared made that employs stop-motion animation, puppets, and costumes to awesome effect! Another great example of a creative Holiday video comes from [Bradley David]( with his Christmas tree time lapse: [clip:17219833] Take a look at this [time lapse]( tutorial to give you a better idea on how to do it yourself! So now it's time to follow Jared and Bradley's example and take your holiday video to the next level. These things can be so much more than another boring family home movie. Make it something that you'll want to watch year after year! [challenge:Come up with a creative video of your family this holiday season and post it!, url:]



Great tips which I'm going to use for my Xmas holiday videos :). Thanks for sharing guys.

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