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Make a video, win a trip to Amsterdam!

Andrea Allen
July 30, 2010 by Andrea Allen Alum

Hallo Vimeans,

I'm very excited about this hybrid Weekend Project/Contest because participating means you double your chances of winning something! Amstel Light teamed up with Vimeo to inspire you to share a creative narrative short film capturing how an open-minded approach lives in your town. Do you have a stellar art community, or an awesome underground music scene? How about some eclectic or eccentric characters in the community? Show us how your town is unique.

The coolest part of the Amstel Light contest is that the winner gets a round-trip ticket to Amsterdam to attend the Vimeo Festival and Awards event happening there in September. I'm going to be there, so you'll be in good company!

The winner of the Weekend Project will receive 2 extra gigs of upload space per week and free Vimeo Tshirt, or free Plus Account! The runner up will receive 1 gig of extra upload space per week.

To submit your entry in the "One Dam Good Town" Amstel Light contest, go to the Amstel Group page: Be sure that you read the Official Rules posted there. (Note that if you're not eligibile to enter the Amstel Light contest for some reason, you can still enter the Weekend Project.)

Be sure to also submit your video to the Weekend Project Group too, otherwise it will not be considered for the Weekend Project prizes.

Submissions to both the Amstel Light contest and the Weekend Project are due Aug 4, 2010.

Hope to see you in Amsterdam!


UPDATE- The winner of the Weekend Project is Kurt Larsen's video, Relax...Everyone's Welcome! and the runner up is Session 7 Media with The Walking Pesos, Live from the Streets of Seattle. Thanks for your submissions everyone!


SteveR Plus

I've reached the age at which I'm far more excited by the thought of doing some cycle rides around Amsterdam on a classic gents bike than I am about visiting the "coffee" shops. Anyway, I'll see what I can do.

Andrea Allen Staff

Hey Steve... be sure to read the eligibility rules. I still really want you to come hang out with me in Amsterdam, though.

SteveR Plus

Dammit, I'm ineligible! I'll still try to do one for the Weekend Project. It looks like we won't be meeting in the 'Dam, after all.

Andrea Allen Staff

That's one of the reasons we made it a combo, so folks who aren't eligible for the contest could still participate and have a chance to win the Weekend Project. I know the prizes aren't exactly equal!

Jan Egbers

I don't need to win a trip to Amsterdam... It's a 2-hour drive from here ;)


I want to meet SteveR in Amsterdam too! Hmm... Wonder if I'm eligable....

Jon Bryant Plus

When will Vimeo be in Amsterdam in September? It's just up the road from me and it be great to meet up.

Jon Bryant Plus

Oh no :o( I'll be at another event in Paris on that date. Gonna miss you guys...

Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL Plus

AHA Finally you are coming to Amsterdam! So Blake kept his promise! Also most welcome at our Global-DVC centre at Amsterdam Beach (Zandvoort!) but what a pity your WAX models are gone now! Watch our succesfull Vimeo Meet Ups from the past 2 years!
And another 186 videos tagged with "vimeo amsterdam".

Anyway you are most welcome to visit our Global-DVC Studio at Amsterdam Beach!

Coen Rens

I live in Amsterdam, but didn't know there was going to be a Vimeo Festival here; awesome!

Julius Moorman

I live in Amsterdam so i wont be needing it haha

Dale Kamp

Hahaha. Going to Amsterdam is a dream of mine.

Jon Smiff

California, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, and Vermont are void. May I enquire why?

Kevin M

Correction: Uptight lawyer stuff


Cool, I'll be there. Amsterdam is a 20 minute drive from here! :) Where in Amsterdam will it take place?


cant i win it the other way around?...

Ayrton Orio

I just wonder where in Amsterdam will the event happen? I would be glad to come and join you folks! And by the way, is the contest open for any cities (like asian ones?)

Emil Petrov

nice actions you planed, so see you in Amsterdam :)

jose ledon

it would be nice to open another contest that involves people from outside US...

Sharad Kalawar

absolutely. few cities with more flavour than bombay, so i almost got my hopes up.

Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL Plus

Finally you are coming to Amsterdam! So Blake kept his promise! Also most welcome at our Global-DVC centre at Amsterdam Beach (Zandvoort!) but what a pity their WAX models are gone now! Watch our succesfull Vimeo Meet Ups from the past 2 years and get some Amsterdam impressions from all vimianclips!
And another 186 videos tagged with "vimeo amsterdam". Anyway you are most welcome to visit our Global-DVC Studio at Amsterdam Beach! And anybody also wanting to come we can arrange some great and cheap B&B's in Amsterdam Beach! Just 30min. from centre Amsterdam. Also can show you best locations for some stunning Camera shootings with redlights :-)

Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL Plus

Hello Andres wanting to join this Vimeo Project with a nice clip and can't join because of this rule on your submission form: (???)
(I affirm that I am 21 years of age or older and a resident of the United States, but not a resident of California, Maryland, Michigan, Montana or Vermont.)
So you boycot rest of the World including me as one of your first and all times supporters or offer an alternative like A Year Long a dozen AMSTEL BEER a day?


When will we see a EUROPE only competition? C'mon VIMEO give the Europeans a nice juice competition to chew on.

r. l. almeida

a trip to Amsterdam? that sounds good. I hope I can get the shirt, i´ve just mixed a short i´ll be posting this afternoon!


whoo, never been there... I'm stuck in HI... Vimeo should come here next time... (^-^)v

Andrea Allen Staff

Oh man, I'd looooooove to go to hawaii! I've been to Maui and can safely say it's one of my favorite places on earth!


Whoohoo! Vimeo must hop to Honolulu! Kauai is nice too... A lot of Lost scenes has been done in Oahu... it's a good mix... the food is great here... if you like a great place of fresh POKE (po' keh)!

Lloyd Cook

When Vimeo Going To Come To London! Haha


to compete you have to be one of those lucky persons "...who are residents of the United States..."

it sucks.

Laurens Neels

Woah! Do I just have to take the train to Amsterdam September the 10th and I can see you awesome people?!

Cine Agency Inc

Sounds awesome. Amsterdam is a beautiful place. Maybe Vims is unveiling their new HTML5 embed code at this event? ;)

John Love

Just found out about this two days ago and, thanks to the encouragement of a friend, decided to give it a go. Finished shooting yesterday and spending most of today editing and grading. This will be my first project with my Canon T2i and I'm really excited to see how it turns out!

John Love

Hah, apparently I'm an idiot and misread the deadline. I thought it was tonight, August 3rd, at 11:59:59 and didn't realize my error until I went to submit. Guess I have another day to edit. Score!

Dieann P

where are the rules? i like to see if i can participate :)

John Love

Update: I've run into a technical snag.

I chose to use Premier Pro CS5 instead of Final Cut Pro mainly to surpass the need for an intermediate codec and thus save transcoding time. Well, upon selecting a firewire 800 drive as my scratch disk in Premiere I'm presented with a permissions error (despite having appropriate user permissions to access the drive) so Premiere falls back on using the system drive for cacheing. This wouldn't be a problem except that my system drive is an SSD with extremely limited space and the cacheing being done by Premiere is filling it up, fast! I've done some searching online for a solution to this issue with no luck. Any suggestions?

John Love

I just reformatted the drive, deselected journaling and modified the permissions a bit. I also relocated Premiere's Media Cache Files and Media Cache Database to external drives to avoid filling the system drive. Everything seems to be running smoothly now.

Chris Nash

I live in Arizona - USA. We're about as "open" as a bank on Sunday.

Maria Bowskill

this is so unfair, had this been a how bland and boring is your town I would have won this :) good luck to everyone who lives in a cool town

Andrea Allen Staff

:( Sorry Maria. We're really trying to get more inclusive and open contests in the future!

Riley Hooper Alum

Help! Every time I try to upload my video to the group it doesn't work. It uploads 100% but then I click "go to my video" and I get a page that says "Page not found. That clip is not part of the 'ONE DAM GOOD TOWN' group."
What am I doing wrong?

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