It's known throughout the universe that Vimeo is home to the most creative community of professional and amateur filmmakers, but we also get a ton of questions from people and businesses who want to “do video,” but aren't sure where to start. For one, the correct verb is, “create.” With that in mind, we've created this handy guide for all those who have an idea for a video, but want to pay a professional to do the actual shooting and editing.
So who should you hire? You've got some options, including: the indie creator, the small to midsize agency, and the gigantic global agency. Allow us to help you find your perfect filmmaking fit:

**The “Indie” Creator**
**What they do:** shoot and edit
**What they charge:** $1,000-10,000
**Awesome if:** you have a really clear vision of what you want from your video and need a cost-effective alternative to an agency.

The Hundreds hired indie filmmaker Zac McTee to film and edit their grand opening in NYC:

**The Small/Midsize Agency**
**What they do:** write, produce, shoot, edit
**What they cost:** $10,000-100,000
**Awesome if:** you want more help with creative direction and writing a script than an indie creator typically provides.

Vitamin Water hired Big Block Live's directing team Josh Ruben and Vincent Peone to create a funnny video to support their larger brand campaign:

**The Big Global Agency**
**What they do:** write, produce, shoot, edit, campaign
**What they cost:** $100,000+
**Awesome if:** you want help with the marketing campaign and promotion in addition to everything a small/midsize agency typically provides.

With the help of NY-based agency TBWAChiatDay, Jameson whiskey took storytelling to a whole new level:

Here's to hiring the perfect professional creative person to make your video dreams come true. We've only barely scraped the surface of what can be a complex and intimidating process, so if you've got more advice to share, please slap a comment on this bad boy!