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Meet our new mobile app for iPad and iPhone

Joseph Schmitt
February 29, 2012 by Joseph Schmitt Alum

We're extremely hAPPy right now. We just released the latest version of our iOS app, and it's going to change your Apple device forever. Or at least until we release the next version. What makes v2.0 so special? For starters, it's our first-ever app that works on the iPad! For nexters, it takes everything about our previous iPhone app and upgrades it to the max.

Mobile traffic to Vimeo has exploded (technically speaking, it's tripled) since we first launched our iPhone app in early 2011, so we've renewed our focus to provide the best possible experience for Vimeo users on the move. Our big goal was to recreate our website vibe within the app in order to deliver all the neat-o discovery stuff that makes Vimeo fun to explore.

On an iPad, the new app has an especially cool browser that splits the screen and enables you to watch a video while browsing more suggested videos — it's a great way to keep the amazing vids flowing. In addition, you can watch videos in your Feed (or anywhere on Vimeo) and do all the liking, commenting and Watch Latering that you're used to.

The app also features a built-in video editor so you can create and upload videos at the supermarket, in a forest, or wherever you happen to be. The editor even hooks up to the Vimeo Music Store, making it easy to add a soundtrack.

You'd probably expect all of this crazy technology packed into a miniature space to cost billions of dollars, but we managed to make this app available to you for free. Download it now in the App Store.

Right now you're probably thinking, "Jeez, I wish I could see all of this free app's incredible features in one bulleted list." Well, check this out:

Vimeo iOS App Super Awesome Features

  • Free to download from the iTunes App Store
    • Compatible with iPad, iPhone 3GS and above, iPod Touch, and iOS4.3 and above
    • Watch and manage your Vimeo videos and download them to your camera roll
    • Browse suggested videos while you watch
    • Watch videos from your Feed, Watch Later queue, or previously liked videos
    • "Like" videos, comment on videos, and add videos to your Watch Later queue
    • Discover new and interesting videos curated by Vimeo Staff
    • Easily upload your raw footage or edited videos in HD or SD
    • Use the editor to edit your footage and add music from the Vimeo Music Store
    • Pause/resume uploads and receive reminders when an upload is paused
    • Replace existing videos
    • Edit titles, descriptions, tags, privacy settings, and credits
    • Share via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, email, and/or SMS
    • Add videos to Groups, Channels, and Albums
    • Access stats on plays, likes, and comments

We're also ridiculously excited to announce our Vimeo app for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, available immediately in the Windows Store. Microsoft just announced the release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview today, and you can find Vimeo in the Windows Store if you have the Consumer Preview installed. What's so awesome about this app? How about these, um, APPles...

  • Beautiful, fast, and fluid Metro style design
    • Browse our awesomely curated Channels
    • Via Play To, beam Vimeo videos to supported devices like TVs and other Windows computers
    • Share videos you like to other apps supporting the Windows 8 sharing charm
    • Search for any video on Vimeo

And we're not done yet — we're preparing to properly blow you away when the final version of the app launches with the general availability of Windows 8.

So that's it! We'll stop our yAPPing now. Please enjoy our new iOS app — we know your device will really APPreciate it.



It's amazing. I've waited so long for an iPad app, and it's just turned out to be more than I thought it'd be. Great work, as always :)

Amila C. Kumarasinghe

Its not an updated version right? We need updated version like for Apple . .

Justin Dickinson Staff

We designed the Android app in tandem with this new iOS release so the functionality will be very similar!


Damn my old 2.2 Android phone! :)


Thanks a lot! I've wating too for the iPad app!!
The only thing i wish it has is the posibility to follow from in the app.

Thanks again!! Great job
Cheers from Spain (sorry for the poor english) Sofia

Cameron Christopher PRO

Guys. Just downloaded it, and it looks GREAT. I am so excited about this, and I think it's really going to bring me back to spending time on Vimeo.

Javier David C

The New app is a really great. I experience a much better performance on my Ipad, the videos even seems to load faster than Safari. and the layout is really nice . But there are still some missing key features to make it useful, and to make possible to browse from the app instead of the webbrowser.

*View a user profile with all your videos/likes etc.
*Option to follow from the app
*Browse channels/groups/categories/follows.etc

Great Job.

Justin Dickinson Staff

Following a user from the app is a great idea, we'll keep it in mind for next time.

If I find an awesome video in the app, I'll add it to my Watch Later queue then follow that user the next time I'm on my desktop. Good work around for now.

RecStudios Film Makers

Amazing!!!!!! you guys are great! legends! i hope you guys become bigger than youtube!!!


The App is wonderful. Great user experience and you beat the crappy AVID app with a fingertip. And I feel you will pimp the editor in the upcoming time. Thank you!

jeanpoole Plus

Great to see you've got a native ipad vimeo app now ! : )

A small quibble >> I get a STATS BUG on both web and iOS - when selecting 'all' - it still shows the count for month, not for all-time... Would it be possible to have an option that shows 'all-time' plays ?

Deejay Forte Plus

I like the new update very much. Hopefully a channel control/manager could be implemented in the future.

Willie Harvey

Iam Loving It , Now I can show my Video's while I am in the Club...

Stephan Soderberg

...But I miss the 'Following' feature and I don't have any subscriptions :/



When it comes for android?! :( Im so waiting 4 it!

Oscar Sharp Plus

Great! Two things though;

1) you misspelt 'manually' in the editor.
2) If you can, please oh please add the ability to split a clip at the playhead. Without this a NLE just isn't much use. Plus some sort of clip bin would complete the package.


As iPad owners are very happy, for me, an iPhone app user it is frustrating to use it after last update.

1. The way how the new stuff loads in subscription after scrolling down - they jump on top of the list, so to see it I have to scroll back to top. Then I'm scrolling down watching the new loaded, then further scrolling to pass ones that I saw previously, and finally got to the new videos which are disappearing and loading on the top. More videos are loaded more scrolling I have to make. This makes the app impossible to use for me.

2. When I go to likes I can see only maybe 20 videos. When I get back to subscription, I get a strange mix of likes and subscription.

Can't wait to solve these issues :)

Javier David C

I also has the same issues on my iPhone 4s. I hope they fix it.


I hate vimeo and won't watch clips on vimeo because it loads slowly and doesn't allow fast forward to parts that aren't loaded yet the way youtube does. Will this flaw in the vimeo player ever be fixed?

Armin Seltz

Comparing vimeo to youtube is a flawed premise from the start. Vimeo is about video quality and most of all quality of content. The quality on youtube is shocking and there are tons of videos here that you will never find on youtube, because videos are actually created by the people that upload them and not the Xth copy of a clip found somewhere else. As a designer i find a lot of inspiration on vimeo channels that i would never find on youtube.

Youtube has its uses and I use it a lot but for different things.

All that said, the ability to skip ahead to a part that has not loaded yet would be nice indeed!

Will try the new iPad app later, but it sure looks and sounds good.

Odontopera Mediochrea

"I hate vimeo and won't watch clips on vimeo"
Well why the hell are you here? Leave and spare us of your presence.

Natural Causes PRO

Wait is the guy above me serious?
dmgreer I am so glad you have the ability to post comments! I am blown away by how mature you came off when you stated how you hate vimeo, sorry I couldn't read the rest but it looked very engaging and articulate!

your question deserves answering immediately so here it goes.

- It will never play for you. Ever.
Fact: The vimeo player is powered by maturity.

Natalya B.

que bom que tem app pra ipad! :D

Donald Cameron PRO

The fancy screen on the new iPad could be amazing for watching Vimeo, I wonder if this app will need to be optimised to make the most of the new model?

To think you could now shoot a video in 1080p, edit it in iMovie, upload it to Vimeo then watch it online on such a high res screen - all with the same device - has huge potential.

Tom Theall

We all have been waiting patiently, and are very happy. Thank you sincerely for the hard work. Enjoying very much.

Arda Kilavuz

I dont own any iDevice but once I buy my new iPad, Vimeo app will be the first one that I will install :)


I was just thinking about this, the other day when I was on my ipad and later, on my android phone...
I hope it works as well as it does on my WinXP with Google Chrome, and my Linux Mint12 laptops and desktops...


Just want to say kudos on the new app... tis brilliant!

Lucas Barbosa

Awesome!!! Thanks guys, this app deserved it!!! ;)

Isaak Dury

Can't wait for you to update the Apple TV App!!!

App App App...Num Num Num :)

LOVE Vimeo.

P.S. A search for movies over a certain length; i.e. docos would be cool for when watching the telly.

Robin Jose

i canot find my uploaded videos on the mobile applications "My Videos " Section.. i have uploaded 100 videos..,i am using IPOD touch app..

Sharpy Plus

When it comes to sharing can you offer an 'embed code' option? My blog, like many, is not on Wordpress. It wouldn't be an issue but you can't copy embed codes from Safari on iPad...
So would be handy for all us Typepad etc customers.

Sharpy Plus

In the new Vimeo you can COPY embed codes from the site on an iPad... Phew!


the app is great. I really like the interface more than the old one. it's faster too.
MY WISH is that I would like to be able to access the videos that I have unlisted in the event that I want them to go live.

Todd Perry Photography

great app... however the stats part hasnt worked (for me) apart from the first day or so of installing. Simply comes up with page not found. Do i have to be a Vimeo + user to get stats on the mobile?


No Windows Phone love huh? :( WP is slowly rising to the top in my opinion. Anyone who tries it that I know at least, falls in love with it.


vimeo is the best! thanks


Love the new iPad app :-)

It would be great if I could quickly browse 1080p content for my shiny new iPad 3 just delivered! Or failing that, see easily in the app what res a particular video is playing at :-)

hans k. froschauer Plus

I really like the app, but can't for the life of me find my albums? Where can I find those?

Erik Nikolas Nunez

I like this app but when yyou do edit your video you have to use music from vimeo music store. That is quite sad:(

Raul Ghiurau

Awesome app... I wish it wouldn't shut down during editing so much.. On iPhone 4s

Christoffer Lambertsson

The video makes me want to see more... dowloads the app. You got what you wanted. =D


On the iPhone app I can't explore ?????? Can you guys let me explore just like on the site I can explore by category and then sort by views or relevance, etc....


I am a Vimeo+ subscriber (as of today). I setup some new channels and uploaded a number of videos. For some reason, only (5) videos show up on my iOS devices but all videos show up on my computer (iMac). I have all the videos set with the same attributers, please help!


One more thought: the personal channels concepts is great, but how come I can't view my channels on my iPad? And the channels should be named as such: this way there will be much for availability in the channel names.

Chris Sanchez

Reviews for the app are poor...think I will hold off.

Jason Parker

i hate the new app update i want to go back to the old way its ten times better.......!!!!!

S Vyn

HELP? I had the ipad appp but updated it last night and I lost all of my recordings. My daughter's science fair project recordings! Anything that I hadn't opened in editor was deleted, where can I find it?!?! I am desperate!!!


Would be cool if you could Subscribe inside the iPad app..... unless I missed something...

Encore Video Productions Plus

You give your ipad free users the ability to "+ Pause/resume uploads and receive reminders when an upload is paused" Yet you won't give that to us customers who are paying you $60.00????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
What gives?

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