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Meet the all-new, robot-approved Vimeo API

Aaron Hedges
July 17, 2014 by Aaron Hedges Staff

As you may have realized by now, we are constantly busying ourselves to bring you, our beloved human community, the best tools and best online video viewing and sharing experiences possible. But that leaves out one major demographic: robots. From our phones to drones and even the servers that power our favorite Internet destinations, robots have become a major factor in our lives. Today, we are proud to announce a major update to the Vimeo API, a product designed with love, especially for robots.

Vimeo launched its first API on March 26, 2007. Actually, we had two APIs: the Simple API, which was super user-friendly but didn’t allow authentication, and the Advanced API, which was powerful but complicated. Over time, we decided to build one API to rule them all, one that would be both powerful and easy to use — meet version 3.0. Actually, it’s 3.2 (it’s been in beta since March!). The new API is packed with:

  • Tons of new endpoints
  • Super fresh and clean documentation
  • A powerful new API Playground

And way more, which you can read about on our Developer Blog.

All of you non-robots out there might be wondering: how does this API overhaul impact me? For one, all your favorite gizmos and gadgets will have access to the best and brightest new features of Vimeo. In fact, you may already be using this shiny new API — our iOS, OUYA, and Xbox apps have been using it for months now! If you happened to notice that these apps were better but couldn’t figure out why, now you know.

Want to build something awesome with Vimeo? You totally can! Our brand-new API is free and open to all, and is designed with both beginners and experts in mind. Get started by looking through our brand new API documentation, and see it in action when you hop into our API Playground.

We can’t wait to see what you build.


Pepe Pérez

Cheking my account , I have noted that several purchases have been double charge.
What can I do about?

Oak Leaf PRO

iPhone app looks great, can't wait to be able to rent VOD releases from the Apple TV!

Thanks Vimeo.

Actuality Media Plus

Every time I try to post a photo to my videos (from Picasa, not Instagram nor Flickr, but the same source as I have been using to post photos to my videos on Vimeo for several years now) I get this error message:

"Oops! There was an error importing one or more of your photos because of API permissions."

is this the fault of your new API?

Actuality Media Plus

Tried that. They try to tell me that Picasa pic's working on one video is a fluke (despite my stating that actually PIcasa pictures have worked on over 20 of our videos, over the course of several years until Vimeo changed something in 2014)

Matt Radford Plus

oh dear god please let me search for videos without authentication!!!!!

Matt Radford Plus

sigh... nope.. god I miss the days before OAuth. But hey, I don't know how much money it ends up costing a company by having an open API (paying for the bandwidth). Still love vimeo. Props on re-organizing it!


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