Vimeo has long been a destination for creators of all kinds to do more with video. Through the amazing work of our community, we’ve seen how instrumental video is to any successful organization — whether it’s for corporate communications, marketing, or live events.

Over time, Vimeo has grown to more than 90 million members around the world, from scaling startups to big-name brands. And with that growth, we realized we could do more to support organizations of all sizes in their efforts to keep their teams aligned, informed, and up to speed.

Today, we’re excited to launch Vimeo Enterprise, the newest addition to our family of products that help businesses better reach and engage their audiences — with enterprise-grade services and support to boot.

Video is a new norm for many of us, with the average consumer watching nearly 3 hours of video daily. One study showed that while 20% of people would read text on a page, 80% will watch a video.

When businesses communicate with video, they spark deeper engagement with employees, sell more products, improve brand recall, and generally get their message across better. It’s even what executives want — 59% prefer video over text.


Live video is becoming a necessity for companies. It’s the best way to get your point across to as many people as possible.

Michael Weinstein

Video Studio Lead at Deloitte Global


Vimeo Enterprise combines what you already love about Vimeo with the dedicated support and advanced features that large organizations need to execute on no-fail events, like single sign-on, service-level agreements (SLAs) and uptime guarantees, and account management. And because it’s Vimeo, your employees will get the same amazing user experience they know and love — now at the office.

Meet Vimeo Enterprise

Here’s a taste of what Vimeo Enterprise can do for your organization:

Secure single sign-on

Vimeo Enterprise brings added privacy, security, and admin control, with shiny new single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Now, the power to control access to your Vimeo account and video content is in your hands.

Because SSO streamlines the sign-up process, logging in to your video content is seamless for your employees. What’s more, SSO eliminates the need to create (or delete) new accounts and passwords, making things scalable for your IT team, and secure for everyone.

Branded, private Showcase

Showcase comes to Vimeo Enterprise with SSO-secured access and live streaming. As always, auto-archiving makes it easy to grow a library of content that your team can access when and where they want. It’s completely customizable to fit your brand, and makes a lovely home for your on-demand trainings, all-hands, and more.

Vimeo Enterprise showcase private video gallery

Best of all, Vimeo Enterprise includes unlimited Showcases, so you can create as many as you want, for whatever your business needs. A private Showcase for company announcements? We’ve got you covered. A public Showcase for marketing and events? Can do.

In-depth analytics, for everyone

Measuring employee engagement or reach can be tricky business. That’s why Vimeo Enterprise’s robust analytics provide detailed insights to help your team better understand your audience, down to each and every employee, trainee, or viewer.

Aggregated video analytics let your team level set with a baseline understanding of what your engagement levels currently look like. From there, you can dive deep into user-level analytics to see which employees are engaged, what they engage with, how long they tune in for, and much more.

Vimeo Enterprise video analytics

Dedicated support, when you need it

If there’s one thing to know about Vimeo, it’s that, you know, we can help. Vimeo Enterprise comes with next-level support, like:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Technical support, online or over the phone
  • Uptime service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Access to our award-winning production team to make your live events shine

Pair Vimeo Enterprise with the Vimeo features that you already know and love — live polling, Q&A, email capture, and the easiest to use live production software — and you’ve got an all-in-one video solution that meets your company’s needs, no matter the size or scale. 

Ready to meet Vimeo Enterprise? 

Vimeo Enterprise keeps your employees and customers engaged as your business grows, no matter where they are. If you’re curious what it can do for your company, contact our friendly team to learn more, and see Vimeo Enterprise in action during our live stream on October 1 — sign up now to save your spot.