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Mobile Filmmaking Gear

Matt Schwarz
July 26, 2012 by Matt Schwarz Alum
Let's face it — at any given time, most of us have a camera in our pocket, and there are few things we love more than shooting video with that mobile device. Are you ready to take your on-the-go filmmaking to the next level? We've teamed up with the photography gear and community site [Photojojo]( (our besties) to show you how! [clip:46434554] Let's take a look at all the products we played with: **[Lens Dial Case](** We found the case to be both strong and solid, and the lenses make great contact with the phone body keeping out stray light. We used the fisheye lens to represent the view of our "monster" in our test film, but the other lenses also add great effects to your footage. Try all three! **[iPhone Video Rig](** This rig is super solid and makes shooting video with your phone feel much more natural. The wide angle lens adds a great field of view when using the case, and the included video mic really helps capture directional audio. We also found that the overall weight of the rig helped to keep our shot stable when holding the phone. **[Camera Table Dolly](** This is our personal favorite! The camera table dolly was great for adding that cinematic dolly effect to our shots without having to use a rig made for larger cameras. It's shock absorbing skate wheels meant we could place it on a table or even on the floor and get the same result. We also enjoy the ability to change the angle of the wheels, allowing us to rotate the dolly around a point. **[Belkin Live Action Boom Mic](** This mic was really helpful when it came to shooting our dialogue scenes. When set to close range recording, we found the mic to cut down on background noise significantly. Also, because this is an external microphone, noises from Casey touching the iPhone did not translate to the recording. A big thanks to [Photojojo]( for letting us play with all their cool stuff. We will definitely be adding these products to our filmmaking tool kit and we hope you check them out! Also, check out our lesson on how to shoot better video with your [mobile device](, it's the perfect compliment to these nifty gadgets.



Still very applicable guide. It's interesting how mobile videography has grown in just 2 years.

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