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More stats and tools for Vimeo On Demand creators

Brian O'Hagan
June 26, 2014 by Brian O'Hagan Alum

Dearest creators,

While you've been busy making wonderful films and series to sell, we've been building new features to further enrich your lives. We hereby present a handful of helpful updates to Vimeo On Demand creator tools:

New stats dashboard
Advanced Stats are awesome, but sometimes you want just a quick glimpse of sales numbers, where sales are happening, and how much you’ll be pocketing. To that end, we built a handy dashboard that drops down from the top of your Vimeo On Demand page when you’re logged into your account. We've also updated the On Demand section of your Advanced Stats to include referrers, embeds, and regions.

More promo code options
Now when you create promo codes, you can choose the kind of discount to offer
(percentage or dollar amount off), select the type of purchase the codes can be applied to (Buy/Rent/Buy All/Rent All), and set start and end dates for code redemption.

Simpler region selecting
Because we’re obsessed with making worldwide distribution insanely easy, we reworked our region selector. Now choose to include (or exclude, if you must) as many countries as you’d like, in just a couple of clicks.

Whether you’re tracking the performance of an existing title or getting ready to promote the heck out of a new one, we hope you enjoy these fresh additions. Have a film or series that you want to sell? Start selling on Vimeo On Demand »


Desmetz Alain

Désolé ......Pas de traduction française!

Heath Cozens Plus

This is cool, but please enable the ability to geoblock on a town-by-town basis. Filmmakers trying to capitalize on festival buzz may opt for simultaneous online releases, but need to exclude the area where their film is playing in festivals.

Sean James Garland

Great guys, thank you, especially the region select or de-select option.

Justin Swain

Thanks for the new options/features. They open an opportunities for compensation and control. :-)

Robbin Michael Wagner

Stats are a critical yardstick to our achievements for many reasons.
Thank you TEAM VIMEO! You rock! Now, if you could just get IndieWire
to include a "Vimeo On Demand" release notice with a "tag" line description; it would really help filmmakers drive the audience to Vimeo On Demand and specifically; our personal work. Just my opinion man…… keep up the good work! :)

Brett Beanan PRO

I would like the stats to show which video in a series people are buying and or renting? I have 36 videos in one series and while I see there have been a bunch bought I do not know exactly which "episode" so I am mot sure which ones I need to promote more... (in my case it was videos from a dance recital that the parents are buying)

Mikey Perry Staff

Make sure to check out your Advanced Stats for these kinds of details. And if you need any help finding your away around, feel free to reach out to us!

Sancho & C° PRO

Great !
Please, offer also to non-united-states residents the possibility to pay with their local money !
I think it's not very easy to use an vod service if the price is in foreign currency.
Antoine Martin

ProFamily Films PRO

Where do we find how many are rentals and how many are purchases?

Is there an app that lets you see these analytics on mobile devices? The Vimeo app seems to be all about watching stuff and not managing settings.

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