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Music Mondays: As Good as Spring Itself

Ian Durkin
April 2, 2012 by Ian Durkin Staff

Hey party people,

If you like tunes, we both like tunes. And if you are reading this, we both made it to the vernal equinox, which means we are both alive in a very exciting time. Days are growing longer, the air is sweetening, and things are growing all around us. When I leave the Vimeo office after work, I feel like I can run all the way home and not lose an iota of energy.

To celebrate these days, we found a few songs in the Vimeo Music Store that are as good as spring itself: songs to fuel your outdoor adventures and songs to score the videos you make in the warm days to come. And after you check out our selections, browse the Music Store to find more tunes that add some pep to your step.



et si on mettait des croûtons dans la soupe

Alae Hatoum (AKA Zick-art) Plus

Lovely selection and its nice to see vimeo pushing this forward .. Some of the stuff remind me of the early days on Newgrounds' Audio Portal ... Some very original stuff .

I Would love to see the music store shown some more love though , I'd love tcomments added to every song like you would for a video and all the like and share buttons ... For some reason You can't access the profile of the person who uploaded the track and thus follow him ... These features should be added in the future to push this further and please please keep the music store on vimeo .. Don't ever move it later to its own domain

Jonan Grobler

Is it possible for musicians to put their music on the store? Or would that create too many curating nightmares? It doesn't look like the option is there, but I could be looking in the wrong places (and at the wrong buttons).

I'd love to share the music I've been making with people - imagine how awesome it would be to see your own music in someone else's productions!

The Classic

Like Zick-art's suggestions. I'd like to be able to follow musicians too, as I am able to do with video artists here on vimeo.

Philiac Music Plus

I believe that a website dedicated to video should only have audio....only silent films with no music, and various artists would offer tracks of varying degrees of silence to score the short films offered on said website.

George Rodrigo

It’s nice to take a vacation once in a while because this gives you physical and mental refreshment. I can still remember my unforgettable experience when I was in Bantayan Island. The place was indescribable. The surroundings were rare, pleasant to your soul.

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