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New Feature: Auto-Share to Facebook and Twitter

Brad Dougherty
August 6, 2010 by Brad Dougherty Staff

Hey Vimeans!

As much as we all love Vimeo, many of you claim that there are OTHER websites out there. Well we did some research and it turns out it's true!

Starting today you can automatically publish your uploaded and liked videos to Facebook and Twitter. Just hop on over to your settings page to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


PS. Let us know if you have any problems with Facebook or Twitter in their respective help thread.


Phillip Jackson

I hope my twitter stream doesn't get clogged up with this though. But good to have the option I guess.

Cine Agency Inc

Awesome news! Now for that HTM... you get the idea ;)

Sam Morrill Staff

I still maintain that Vimeo is the only website on the internet.

Simon Guyomard | Spoon Plus

Is Facebook really a website ?
You must be kidding.
Could we embed our videos on youtube please ? Just to show them what HD means...

Star Mountain Media PRO

YouTube is the reason, some years ago, that I disliked internet video. youtube seems so crappy and plastic. Vimeo is the real deal.

Star Mountain Media PRO

This should be a big time saver. Eventually they'll rename the internet to "VimeoNet". (©)


Great, good news. Thanks.

Erik Lorrain

Good news just keeps pouring today!
Thanks for the birthday gift!!!

Henk Loorbach Plus

posting stuff to my wall seems like the way i wanna connect fb and vimeo, but allowing vimeo to access my data anytime? why? don't think so. missed opportunity vimeo.

Brad Dougherty Staff

It's so we can publish your uploads when they are ready. We don't access any of your data except your name on the settings page.

Josh Helfferich

I really, really wish that it would just tweet the title of the video, followed by the link. This implementation is very 'youtubey'.

Sweet. Would be even sweeter if we could also choose to post videos added to a group/channel/album. Or is too much sweet bad for my tweet?

Earl Studios Plus

awesome....except i'm getting a technical error page from the facebook one...

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I did not have any idea of this option, I think it can become time saving. Awesome information here.
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Julian Gibbs Plus

Wondering why vim needs to access my Facebook data when I'm not using it?

ilovecut Plus

Great! Would it be possible to publish the news on a Facebook Page instead of the profile page?

La Sonanta PRO

When trying to connect facebook, we get: "Whoops! We are having some technical difficulties, please try again in a minute".

Parks Conservancy Plus

Several of us use "dummy" FB accounts to manage our Conservancy's official FB as admins. When I click the tool above to automatically get our Vimeo in there, it takes me to my own FB page account (the dummy). How do we get this set up on a FB we're admin for (rather than our own)? And what's up w/accessing my private data?

Vimeo is great.

Blake Freeman

When you share to Facebook, it adds the message about how Vimeo is so awesome. While that is true, I'm not sure I want that on every post. Is there a way to change that message when a video is shared onto Facebook?


why does my vimeo post to twitter eveytime i upload a video when that option is not selected anywhere in my settings and i have double checked this many times please advise as I can not have my private videos i post show links or any information on any twitter or facebook sites


I got it removed. you have to delete the apps from your facebook/twitter account, your vimeo account online, from your vimeo account on your mobile device, from your facebook/twitter account on your mobile device. pretty much anywhere and everywhere

The same as KMRPRO here, when I upload a video there´s an automatic post to twitter even though the option is not selected in My Settings / Apps

Vision V

im have problems.
links to me, and i want it to go to a facebook page i made.
settings are not working

Maria McCarthy

I posted videos to FB, but anyone from FB who clicks the link to view it encounters the standard vimeo login page....why? You cannot possibly expect my FB friends to create a login for vimeo, right?

Maria McCarthy

oh....marginally better, but still not really acceptable - viewable from web browser FB, but *not* accessible from mobile web...where 90% of the people access FB :(

Andreas Andrews

A great feature, I've been turning on and off for some time, I still can't decide if I want all my activity posted to Twitter - or what activity to post. e.g. liking a video might be bit too much and annoy followers? Then again without liking more than a couple of things a day or even a week surely it doesn't even make a dent on most of my followers feeds? Any thoughts guys? I'd love to discuss this and find a happy medium.... also had a bit of a loop back sharing to Tumblr then back to Twitter, oops! Need to take off an auto-share somewhere there.

Love Lust

I need help!!! Vimeo is posting the videos I upload to my Facebook Page. I don't know why it is doing this, if I am disconnected from facebook. Please help!

Forward Thinking Museum

I was not aware that liking a video on vimeo will result in an automatic tweet. As a result, I have now a tweet in my stream I definitely do not want there. I went back to vimeo and undid the like, but this action has no effect on the tweet. Why?

Evan Mann / OWP Denver PRO

Question Vimeo staff: I linked my twitter, but it tweets videos that I mark as "private", usually for clients to review and revise, and videos I don't want to go public, like wedding and boring talking heads stuff. I don't want twitter to tell people that i uploaded "talking heads corporate video v.5." How do I disconnect twitter, or choose what videos get tweeted?

Kimberely Menke

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Howdy Vimeo -

We love this feature. Any way to change what it says on facebook when the video posts? "I just uploaded ***title*** to Vimeo" is pretty boring...

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