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New mobile apps for Android and Windows Phone

Joseph Schmitt
January 9, 2012 by Joseph Schmitt Alum

At Vimeo, we've seen first hand the increased demand for mobile video: traffic to our mobile site is up more than 100% percent since last year at this time. We're not going to sit back in our beanbag chairs and watch the numbers go through the roof. Instead, we're making it easier for smartphone-toting citizens to enjoy Vimeo from anywhere through a sweet suite of new mobile apps for Android, Windows Phone, and, coming in a few months, for Apple iPhone and iPad.

We're unveiling our Android and Windows Phone apps at CES (the world's
largest consumer electronics tradeshow) in Las Vegas next week, and we want
to give you, our favorite people in the universe, the first look at how they'll improve
your life immeasurably.

For starters, we've sculpted dedicated user interfaces for Android and Windows Phone to provide the best experience on any device, including the piping hot Amazon Fire. You can watch all the videos on Vimeo on your phone, plus access your own. You can like, comment on, and add videos to your Watch Later queue. Vimeo members can scope out their inbox, Watch Later queue, and liked videos, just like on a traditional internet browser. We've also included our upload manager so you don't have to start over if an upload is interrupted due to your phone signal crapping out at the worst possible moment.

Here are some bulletpoints that explain the all of the apps' wonderful attributes in excruciating detail:

The APPMAZIN' FEATURES of Vimeo's Android and Windows Phone Apps:

  • Free to download from the Android Market, Amazon App Store for Android, and WindowsPhone Marketplace
  • Compatible with all Android devices running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and above, Amazon Fire and Windows Phone devices running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and above
  • Watch and manage all your Vimeo videos and download them to your camera roll
  • Watch videos from your Vimeo inbox, Watch Later queue, and videos you like
  • Easily like videos, comment on videos, and add videos to your Watch Later queue
  • Discover new and interesting videos curated by Vimeo Staff
  • Easily upload your raw footage or previously edited creations in HD or SD
  • Pause/resume uploads and get reminded when a video is paused
  • Replace existing videos
  • Edit titles, descriptions, tags, privacy settings, and credits And there you have it! Cruise over to the Android Market, the Amazon App Store for Android, or the Windows Phone marketplace (TBD) and click whatever buttons enable you to get your download on. Enjoy our apps!

P.S. Remember how we mentioned the new Vimeo app for iPhone and iPad and then didn't say anything about it? That app is getting its very own blog post very soon. Stay tuned.


Qoyum Nasri

Trying out the new @Vimeo Android app. Oauth_timestamp bug everytime i try to sign in. Can't watch any video too.

Thomas Benton

Yeh, I get the same error on Toshiba Thrive....


This happens when your clock is off. Can you check if you are running with the correct time?


Too bad the App's streaming quality is terrible and there isn't anyway to tell anyone that I know of. Help! Using Samsung SmartHub on a Smart TV

Yeah, this app pretty much dos'nt work. :(

Got the same bugs as Qoyum Nasri, with a timestamp-error. Must be due to the time difference, or something like that. Can't even search for videos because of it. :(


Being released next week at the CES show.

Alex White

Also how about editing videos function like in iPhone app?

THomas Larouche.

Windows Phone App.
Will surely make it on my main page.

Carlo Perassi Plus

PopUp at Login blocking with:
Unparsable date: "2009-11-25 05:05:28 EST"

Dariusz Duśko

On Android: all the time "unparseable date" ;D

Alex White

Sem Reinhart
not an issue at all :)

Sem Reinhart Plus

haha, okay I am quiet now ! But really I love my Windows Phone ! Metro UI FTW ;-)

Kevin Burton

Using Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich. Pretty much unusable. Every video has strobe/flickering effect. Shame. Been looking for official app for a long, long time. And so we continue to wait.......

Alex White

because videos plays in sd-quality.

Kevin Burton

SD or HD has nothing to do with it. Nexus S plays SD videos just fine outside of the Vimeo app. Sorry. I don't buy that for one second.

Paolo Lambri

Also for my android 2.3 error:
Unparseble date: "2010-01-09 03:55:09 EST"

Alex White

Tried to change phone language to Eng (USA)?

Herb Halstead

Both the Android and Amazon markets show this as incompatible with Kindle Fire. Please release the APK for direct download.

Joseph Schmitt Staff

We're aware of the issue and are speaking to Amazon about it. Should be a fix shortly.

rick zwiep

uhuh... excitement, then disappointment... still nothing this morning in either market/app store


Yeah, same here still incompatible and doesn't show up in the app store on the Fire


I installed Apps and I cannot login via that Apps.
Apps give me a messages dialog as following;
"Parse Exceptoin
Unparseable date: "2011-11-30 11:48:20 EST"

My Android is "Motorola Photon" in Japan.
It looks some of the date handler error.
Please fix it.

Thank you for the great Apps.
if you need to more information of this.
Please let me know.

Clayton Moss

What about some Vimeo App love for Symbian^3?


Android app market could not install on device

Nic Wassell Plus

Any news on an iPhone update? It still crashes whenever you try to view stats.


Nice app!
Asus Transformer / Android Honeycomb

I'd like in next updates:
- View user videos when i touch the user icon
- Open directly the vimeo app from vimeo video links (when i'm reading news in google reader for example...)
- Timeline sort in my favorited videos


Well done! I hope Blackberry hurry up with their Playbook 2.0 Android support.


"Upload paused" all the time...


Glad to see it's coming to android.
Installed on my galaxy nexus on android 4.0 ICS, the video resolution is pretty bad...hope you guys can improve it to 720p.

Dmitri's Animation

Right on. I noticed myself watching quite a bit of Vimeo on mobile lately.


where is the app of WP7???


when i'm going to login in it write me: (ParseException / Unparseable date: 2010-10-11 08:29:21 EST ) what can i do for that ? :'(


thx for the help Vimeo everything is fine now :)

Netfolder Production Plus

idem for me, it doesn't work on Android 3.2 it says the OAuth time mismatch when I try to access anything or log to it.

Tommy Penner Staff

We've updated the app in the Marketplace to correct the OAuth bug. Give it a shot now!

Article19 PRO

it would be nice if you could actually get it. not on the marketplace or amazon store for UK users.

Ashraf Ahmed

Just waiting for the Windows Phone version to come out. Already have Vimeo site pinned to my home screen. Replacing it with a dedicated app would be nice.


Finally thank you!!

Gummi Simma Plus

Don´t see it yet on the Windows Phone marketplace (German). Maybe it takes a while to get certified?

Gummi Simma Plus

Thank you :) Great that you´r giving WP7 attention.

Lokking forward to this.


Don´t see it yet on the Windows Phone marketplace (Spain).


Working correctly on Samsung Galaxy S2 on Android 2.3.5

Video quality is very poor, please add as an option to play videos in HD ... makes no sense to have a vimeo app if you can play only at crappy resolution!!! ... will keep playing them in the browser ...


Seems to run fine on the Asus Transformer, except for a few videos which wouldn't play - but they were older videos. Perhaps encoded in some werid format.

resume website

Android app market could not install on device
what to do now?

The Duluth Scene

Patiently waiting for compatibility with the Kindle Fire.

Tommy Penner Staff

We had to make a few changes per Amazon's request. We hope to have the app available on the Amazon store soon!

Juan Barinas

It's day two of CES. Still waiting on the Windows Phone app. I want it now! Please? :)

UGLY Studios

the app is really bad!! Not much to explore the way it is here on the web!! A bit disappointed!!


Waiting for Windows Phone release :)

Nik Skavinsky

well it's a good app, but now I'm waiting for mobile stream quality improvement, even on my tiny Xperia Ray display all videos look shitty.

Also I'd like to see my likes to be sorted in a chronological order just like on the website, that's the only way I remember where to look for a vid I like.

Stats module is good but it definitely can be better.

And of course as many may agree, Discover and My Channels feature is really necessary.

Erin OBoyle Plus

The new APP for my Toshiba Thrive is KILLER! Way to go DUDES at Vimeo! Sorry I missed you at CES. Thank you!


any update on windows phone release?


Nice app, very usable.
Works well on my small Galaxy Gio.

However, I would like to show an Album, Channel or Group on someone's smart-phone, without logging in.

Is there a way to search for an album?

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