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New social sharing options and Facebook login!

Andrew Pile
September 13, 2012 by Andrew Pile Alum

Right on the heels of our awesome improvements to uploading, custom thumbnails and Dropbox we're adding lots of new ways for you to share your Vimeo activity automatically! Starting now, you can link your Vimeo account with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and even Google search results.

Here's an overview of what's new:

  • Previously, connecting to Facebook and Twitter only published your likes. Now you can choose granular share settings for a whole plethora of actions including uploads, likes, comments, people you follow, adding videos to groups and channels, and more. On Facebook, you can even choose to publish to a Facebook Page instead of your news feed.

  • We've also added Facebook login. Just link your account and you'll no longer need to enter your Vimeo credentials to sign in.

  • We've added Tumblr! This makes it easy to automatically embed new uploads to your blog or start a new blog that's full of just videos you like.

  • For those of you interested in increasing the SEO of your videos, you can now attribute your videos to your Google+ account in Google search results. Here's an example of what it looks like:

You can check out all the options in your Apps settings. Now get sharing!


txcrew Plus

Great stuff! Love the addition of Tumblr!


ok cool will check it out thanks peeps!!

LucidWay Plus

Hi, you mentioned custom thumbnails in this post? What's the word on that :)

katie rowland

Vimeo continues to absolutely destroy YouTube's a** when it comes to user control. Thanks for more great work by the Vimeo team!

Tonya Jones Reynolds

Vimeo just keeps getting better. I am proud to be a part of the Vimeo family. Keep up the good work!

Jeff jefgain Gaines Plus

My 15.75 minute 2.2 G video has been processing for a day, and I pay for the plus vimeo. I am tempted to resave at a lower resolution and try again, but I don't want to do that. Any advice please, thank you. - Jefgain

Exhibit-it Plus

I connected my Facebook account, and selected "Add My Videos to Facebook", but none of my existing videos have been added to my Facebook Timeline.

How long will it take before they start showing up in my timeline. Is there supposed to be a delay?

Peter Schagen Plus

I can't seem to connect with Google+ :

"Whoops! We are having some technical difficulties, please try again in a minute."

Anyone else having this problem?

Brian Prager

After two years, it is still not possible to view Vimeo video in Firefox without enabling the Plugin Container, which causes tremendous resource usage and freezing. Why, oh why, can't this issue be fixed? I continually try to link to Vimeo via my blog, but nothing plays unless a Chrome browswer is used. No help for this??

Exhibit-it Plus

Can anyone verify whether or not their videos are being published automatically to Facebook? I does not seem to be working for me??

Rock Creek Productions, Inc. PRO

I've clicked on the "add my videos to my timeline" for the Facebook option, and it seems to not be working. I get an exclamation point icon. What does this mean?

Photo-Studio Lauer Plus

We also failed to get our videos in the facebook-timeline.
Someone here who succeeded with that?

Exhibit-it Plus

I also got the same exclamation icon… Can a Vimeo Staff chime in on this?


Were you able to find the solution to this problem in the help center? I don't know where to start... there are like 400 pages worth of facebook sharing topics in the help forum, and the help center doesn't seem to have a topic which includes this issue.

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