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New Version of the iPhone app

Andrew Pile
April 25, 2011 by Andrew Pile Alum

Greetings iPhone users!

To start your week off right we have just released a new version of the Vimeo iPhone App. Version 1.0.2 is available right now in the app store and fixes a bunch of problems:

Added Search to the Browse tab. This was the most-requested feature by a longshot!

Fixed issue where camera roll appears empty. This is a confusing side effect of people opting-out of Location Services for the app. We've made this more clear.

Fixed video volume being muted when ringer switch was set to mute. Doesn't sound like a bug does it? Ironically Apple's default video player ignores the mute switch. Consequently people were confused why videos in Safari and other apps would work while ours were muted. It's because the mute switch was on. We've now made it consistent with the standard iPhone player.

Don't have the app yet? Click here!

Vimeo - Vimeo, LLC

We've also made big progress with overall memory usage and stability, fixing several major bugs including a really annoying one that prevented people from exporting to the camera roll. We're constantly improving the app and have a lot more planned for the future including better support for other devices. Have more suggestions? There's a forum thread for that!




great work !
will you do an ipad app ?

Daniel Hayek Staff

Dave why not just use Vimeo via Safari on the iPad if you want forums?

squirrell humper

no need for ipad apps.. website is perfect for ipad, airplay support already works flawlessly to atv.


@squirrell humper, You can't upload a video to Vimeo from the iPad. And that stinks.

@Andrew Pile, will the iPad version include the first generation iPad? It would suck if it were just an iPad 2 app. ReelDirector lets you edit on first generation iPad, but you can't upload to Vimeo. :p


Why would you want the iPad 1 excluded ? the iPad 2 is just a 1 with better graphic performance, processor and a video recorder :P


I'm waiting for it, Vimeo is very Apple in his aesthetic :)


aw, no airplay support. still love the app though.

Joe Oviedo

Great idea. Yes airplay support please.


looking forward to it andrew, i know it's going to take time to implement it and thanks for sharing!

Deka Ramandhika

How can I do "Search People" from this app?

Adam Palmer

Still not for iPod? I want to just view videos without having to have a device with a camera?

Stijn Swinnen Plus

Can't agree more. Thanks a lot for the latest developments, really appreciated!

Moritz W.

Yes, iPod Version pleease! :) Keep it up ;)

Ed Quilty

Thanks you guys (and girls) loving it so much. Have it on iPhone and iPad, I must and shall have Vimeo with me always!!

Joe Oviedo

Awesome effort. Keep the good work! =D

McQuillen Films

Um, cool. Any chance Vimeo could put more staff on the Support page? I know this will get removed - but ain't much action in the support thread...


Daniel Hayek Staff

We're monitoring the thread, sorry if we haven't answered your specific comment but we are looking it over everyday to help us know where the major bugs are.


Yeah ! How about the Droid ?


Love it! And you added search! You guys are on the top of the cool-list right now!


giant fish media

Thank you for the search ability. I do have an issue with a phantom video, that is in My Videos. The video does not exist when I look in Vimeo on the web, but it is in my iPhone app, and cannot be deleted because it does not exist. I have tried rebooting the phone and still there. This video is one I tried to upload from the phone, but it had failed. Any ideas or suggestions?

Mark Garrett

I ditto lenspassport. THe video does not appear to count against any quota, but it's annoying none the less.

k.o.d.3000 Plus

why cant I remove items from my inbox?? very annoying seeing the same content that I already watched on the top of the list..


It was more like to start our week off, we've had tons of and still unresolved uploading and transcoding issues. :(

Steve Ellington PRO

I would really like to be able to separate audio from video so cutaways would be possible. Also, support for AudioCopy would be nice so you could record audio in a different app and then bring it in. Great app though!

Cody Kussoy Plus

This is great! I've been waiting for this. The day it came out everybody at the apple store was so excited!



Add Xml project export on the Ipad version and will be great to edit with proxy at the beach and then export to Final Cut.


Update on iPhone but no news on Android version. That makes me sad! Androiders feel a bit left out on the fun!

Alec Nauman

is there any way to go on a channel on the app?


Still waiting for android app. Hopefully by the time I get my G2X lol

Red Dune Films Plus

When are you releasing a Windows Phone 7 app!? The Windows Phone 7 UI is much more in tune with Vimeo compared to the old tired iPhone anyway. :P

Erin Kolp

Kinda bummed that it doesn't support the 3G, if even just to view videos. :-/


android android android!

Jose Garavito

Why Iphone and not android? Conflict of interest?


This is great ! Good job Vimeo !


Why does the app give an invalid API key code


Would love to see the Android app before August! I hope to use it to document a bike tour while on the road... it would be a shame if I had to failover to youtube ;_; (PS: I'd even be more than happy to alpha/beta test!)

matteo wyllyamz

arg. i had really good luck at first uploading videos from my iphone to my vimeo. now, however, every time i try to upload something, the upload screen instantly displays "upload failed." i've deleted and reinstalled the app. i even upgraded my vimeo to a plus account. i'd REALLY like to be able to upload directly from my iphone. not finding any info on the web on this issue either.


Quote: Daniel Hayek wrote:
Dave why not just use Vimeo via Safari on the iPad if you want forums?
Because the support from vimeo for iPad users is not the same as on the App for the iPhone.
Over iPad Safari I'm not able to play my videos for example. Yes, I know I need a pro subscription to change this but the strange thing... Why I can play all my videos in the iPhone app with my free acount? And all the other videos to?
That's why I wished me an iPad version to.

Don't missunderstood me. I know that vimeo do a very good job and deliver high quality vids from the community and a nice support for it. But at the momemt personally I didn't reach a status on vimeo who give me the feeling that I must pay for it to get what I need AND if I pay for it, this will give only me the feature to enable a mobile version for MY Videos but I still can't see all the other videos of free acounts on my iPad without the app.

Hope Church Plus

Is there a place in the app to view they channels you are subscribed to? A place you can see their new videos they upload?


I noticed that videos on mobile safari don't look as good and are degraded in quality as opposed to the iPhone Vimeo app that actually looks pretty good. When I upload the same video on youtube the quality on my iPhone looks good. Why does Vimeo degrade the quality on the mobile safari? This issue does not exist on the mobile safari on the iPad. The reason why I become plus was to share private videos b/w friends and family. I just completed a wedding video and am disappointed that the quality is degraded in mobile safari. Not everybody who views the video on their iPhone will have the vimeo app and the video will loose its magic :(. Please help me understand what is going on here. Thx.

Michael Conti

My 'likes' are not showing up in the iPhone app. I have quite a few displaying on the browser site, but "my likes' on the iPhone either display as empty, or just copy what is in my inbox. Same login for both places.


Can yiu guys make it possible to see a user page and there videos , also after saving the video to device , it gets deleted once i go to iPad settings and check usage..

Could you check on that?

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