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New Vimeo Homepage!

Kevin Sheurs
April 15, 2009 by Kevin Sheurs Alum

Hey everyone!

We just launched a new logged out homepage for Vimeo! With this version we wanted to be consistent with the logged in experience you're all used to and better explain what we're all about.

If you want to see it you'll need to log out. We hope you like it, and start sending your friends and family who are interested in Vimeo!



I love it. Great homepage.

Matt Cox

Is very nice. Great job guys!

Josh Helfferich

This new homepage is the most beautifully designed piece of web architecture I've ever seen. The CSS is absolutely perfect in every way, the layout is supreme, and the graphic design (both in color & content) is absolutely breathtaking.

I am, quite literally, taken aback.

Who is responsible for this? It's INCREDIBLE.

Karen Abad Plus

I'm sure Sox just watched, he's lazy. Kevin and Jack are the masterminds.

Matt Schwarz Staff

What a lot of people don't know is I approved the final design. I was on the phone for hours with Sox, texting kevin, and watching Jack while working out the bugs. Andrea provided emotional support.

Eric E. Anderson

Well said, Josh. You're right - this is definitely one of the finest designs I've seen of late. From balls to bones... tack sharp. And those vertically adjusting layered backgrounds! Papa like!

Dudes nailed it! Especially Sox... I've seen his sketches!

Andrew Cornett

AMAZING! Aww and you gave us new artwork for the log in and sign up page, love you :)

Ted Avery

Definitely looks amazing. I won't lie, it always feels really good to log in and see that great design, and now its even better :)

I would love to see this design carry over into the logged in version, but I guess the design can't distract too much from the videos?

Karen Abad Plus

So cute I wanna eat it.

Oh I ate it already.


Nick Pitman

looks amazing!

any chance we could get it for the logged-in homepage?


I have yet to log out of Vimeo since I joined. True story.

But for this, I will.


Fantastic new login page! And of course the homepage is a HUGE improvement.

I won't lie, I was never *really* fond of the old homepage. It felt so out of place compared to the rest of the site. It felt like a dark hallway that you had to get through to get to your home!

But the new one... FANTASTIC! Love it! :)

→Zac Boyet←

Much much better! I think the old page scared away or confused new users to the site.

Katie Allen PRO

i want the people to be interactive. along with the cows.

Andrea Allen PRO

Katie, are you saying the cows aren't moving for you? Weird. They follow my cursor. And I can milk them in the barn and then sell the milk to the grocer in the town behind the mountain.


Nice floaty background artwork! Too bad I have to suffer the agony of logging out in order to view it.

Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL Plus

Bigger and welldone invitation for everyone handling a camera producing moving audiovisuals ! ............. But where is audio? Good idea to add some background music with some breeze for the balloon? Any musician want to compose and score???

pau valiente

Now it make much sense ...
--> the other one was like the facebook one ... (sign up and you will see if you like it)
--> now it's more friendly (look what's all this about, would you like to be part of it?)

Congratulations ...


I love it.
its like the old style...
but like 100000000000000000000000000 times better.
thanks Jack,Sox and Kevin.


Love the new homepage and the structure behind it. Lovely organization on explore section. You guys did such a bang up job, congrats. Now, how do I get to it again if I am logged in? Or is it just for people who is not logged-in?


A huge improvement over the old page. Now it seems like I will actually see NEW content on the front page!

Great work team!

Nate Beaty

seriously, top notch as always. freaking beautiful. (i also tried interacting with the humans and cows, but i think i prefer them static.)

Mikal Sharun

I was 'sold' on just the one video..."Stand By Me" done by all those talented people from all over the world. !st. timer and I hope this becomes 'big'...YouTube is being taken over by 12-15 year olds.


Awesome. Just awesome.

O de Andrade

Hello, everyone else! I just new here and I like very much what I´m seeing: a lot of high-quality, nice, funny and creative videos. Congrats!

DIM mak films

how long it will take to fix technical difficulties?

Fabian Alcantara Plus

how you guys make the animated background. looks like a layer of sort over the main bg.

Chas B

Am I missing something are you all talking about the login page or the main home page cause nothing is moving for me do I need to take a some type of drugs to see it lol
Well jack,sox,kevin thank you for a wonderful,fantastic FAB U LIS TIC site site

Kevin Sheurs Staff

haha hmm just make sure you are logged out and at you also need to scroll down to see the effect..

The Golden Bang

if Vimeo was a pie it would be very very tasty and enjoyed by Eskimos everywere. new logged out page great but who would ever want to log out? not David Hasselhoff thats for sure.


Hey Blake, hows it goiiiiinnnnnn? (auto-tuned)

Mike Kobal Plus

Vimeo already had the best look out there, but now, NoOne comes even close

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