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New Vimeo T-Shirts!

Matt Schwarz
February 9, 2012 by Matt Schwarz Alum

Hey y'all!

It's been a while since I've had the chance to write to you, but I'm very excited to do so once again, especially because I've got great news: We have new Vimeo t-shirts! And you can buy them!

We've worked with the always-amazing BustedTees to develop four new designs sure to tickle your fashion fancy.

First, we have Camera Explosion:

Then there's the ultra-stealthy Black on Black:

Next comes the bold emblazonment of Super Vimeo:

And finally, the Classic Vimeo Logo on Sky Blue:

All of these torso adornments are available right now from the Vimeo store on BustedTees. With these four fresh designs in your dresser, plus your beloved Metallica tee, your work-week outfits are totally set. Happy shirting!


Justin Hoey

I just ordered the 'Black on Black' and the 'Camera Explosion'. Can't wait to represent at the next BMX event!



Vimeo hat would be also great.

Ryan Malehorn Plus

How small do these run? And do they run small all over or just length? And what size is the person wearing the last blue shirt wearing?

Haha sorry for all the questions

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hey Ryan,

They run kinda small. I'm the guy in the blue and I wore a medium, but am normally a small.

Pete K Plus

I can't decide; I need to see Andrea in all of them to be able to pick a fave.. haha

Gerolf Nikolay

Ordered all 4! :)
They have this awesome deal this week: coupon code "sodamncheap"

Yasser Azmy

I don't have permission to access the store on this server :/


I would live to have one with logo + rainbow color bar thing.

Gary Kelley

Where can I buy one, heck, several?


What happened to the Super Vimeo t-shirt page? It says 404 / Page Not Found. I guess I will just get the classic shirt.


You are awesome, I am going to buy one right now.

Dave Katague Plus

I want black on black and the sky blue one :) NEXT PAY GUYS I SHALL RETRIEVE YOUUU!


there is a new colorful bant above the page. this new visual may use on new t-shirts.

Janice Y. Perez

RAD!!!! imma gonna grab me a couple!!!! thanks guys!!!! =D

Janice Y. Perez

can we purchase them at your office or only thru online? (sorry, wanted to cut on the shipping costs) =)


I bought all of them last night.

I love my Vimeo shirts. Thanks

Tahlia Espenscheid

i love the last one! :D when i have some cash to spurge i will buy one :)

Do these improve editing performance by chance?

Joshua Borrs

How can i get one , please?


The shirts are already here! That was really fast. That was the good news.

The bad news is that all four of the Vimeo shirts do not fit me. I always bought size XL from BustedTees and they all fit just fine before. These shirts just made me feel super-fat though. The new shirts are not American Apparel either, like every other BustedTee I own. They are alternative brand and made in Nicaragua. The material is also really thin. It's pretty sheer, light can be seen through it. I am pretty bummed. I want to love my Vimeo shirts but I can't. I'll have to return them. That's a first too. I have always been cool with everything BustedTees gave me.


any luck that AWESOME black-on-black style comes back to the busted tees shop???

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