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One in four people on Vimeo are currently using our platform to find work. That’s why we recently updated our profile settings to make landing a gig through Vimeo even easier.

What’s new?

For starters, we’ve added a “for hire” status, which helps you signal when you’re looking for work. We’ve also added a “roles” section to your profile settings taking some guesswork out of searching for new collaborators.

How to update your Vimeo profile

Updating your profile only takes a couple of clicks. Simply head to your settings, click “Yes” for available for hire, and you’re all set.

You can also scroll down a little further to add specific roles — Director, Animator, Colorist — so you can better share your skillsets and areas of expertise with the world.

See the new Vimeo profile page in action

Scroll on to see how six Vimeo creators are using their profile settings to the max.

1. Jim Cummings

2. Demi Waldron 

3. Zachary Zezima

4. Hedvig Ahlberg

5. Tony Weeg

6. Amanda Bonaiuto

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